In the video that you are about to watch, one of Americas top heart doctors and former head of surgery at the Cleveland hospital in Ohio reveals how he reverses heart disease using food.

It is a subject that he has had a lot of success with and in this video he shows you how he does it so you can do the same.

In it he highlights several instances where he used food to reverse near hopeless cases of heart disease.

Among several stories of near miraculous heart disease cures is one that really caught my attention.

It is the story of a fellow medical doctor-a colleague of his at the Cleveland Clinic whose heart disease was almost certainly fatal because the location of the blockage in a key artery that supplied his heart muscle with blood meant that neither drugs nor surgery would help him.

The doctor who was a 44 year old father of three and head of breast cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic at the time had a severe heart attack while writing post operative notes in theater soon after completing a surgical procedure.

His cholesterol level was 156 at the time, he was not overweight or diabetic and was not a smoker.

A quick angiogram revealed that he had a severe case of coronary artery disease that was practically untreatable because the location and length of the arterial block in his heart muscle meant that it could not be corrected using any of the surgical remedies available.

His heart condition was almost certainly fatal.

After talking with this doctor colleague of his about going the plant based route to try and reverse his heart disease and explaining the likely positive outcomes based on an in hospital study that Dr Esselstyn was doing at the time, the doctor agreed to give the food cure a shot…on the condition that he would not be forced to take any cholesterol lowering drugs at the same time.

And as you would expect for someone of his level of motivation, the doctor was a study in dedication. He followed the plant based diet 100%, never veering away from it even for once and the result he got was simply miraculous.

His cholesterol went from 156 to 89, the chest pains completely disappeared and a repeat Angiogram done 2 ½ years later showed that the block in the offending coronary artery had completely disappeard. He was completely cured. The blockage in his artery that could not be treated with surgery or pills had been completely removed using food.

Now in case you don’t understand the implication of the story…this was a man, a doctor no less whose severe heart disease could not be cured medically or surgically getting completely cured using nothing but food.

Now, that’s incredible. It just tells us that heart disease no matter how severe or hopeless can be cured using food if the patient is motivated enough to eat right.

And that an unrefined plant based diet is probably more effective for treating heart disease than pills or surgery.

If you suffer from heart disease this is very good news indeed.  You can reverse heart disease without invasive, traumatic heart surgery or costly lifelong pills.

All you need is a decision and dedication to eating a diet that your body was originally intended by it’s creator to eat anyway…an unrefined plant based diet…and your heart disease could disappear for good.

The story starts around the 37 minute mark in the video (below). But I’ll advice you to watch every minute of the video because the information in it is priceless.