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This tip is a favorite of professional athletes…especially sprinters. It’s how they can afford to stay in shape week in week out without spending too many hours exercising. It is a very effective way to exercise. It is all about efficiency, about how many calories you burn.

The truth is you can spend hours exercising and not lose much weight or spend minutes exercising and lose a lot of weight.

The important thing about exercising is not how much time you spend but how many calories you burn.

Conventional wisdom says the longer you exercise the more calories you burn but that has been proven to be false.

What determines how many calories you burn is not how long you exercise. What determines how many calories you burn is the intensity of your exercise.

Precisely how quick and how intense your movements are.

You see, the human body is in many ways like a car. Just as a car burns more fuel the faster it moves, so does the human body burn more calories the faster it moves.

The faster you move the more calories you burn. A sprinter running at 10 miles per hour burns more calories per second than a sprinter running at 8 miles per hour.

But the great thing about moving faster when you exercise is not just how many calories you burn while exercising.

The great thing about moving fast when you exercise is how many calories you burn after you are done exercising.

You see, all intense exercises cause an after burn.

This is a phenomenon where your body carries on burning a lot more calories for a lot longer after you are done exercising if your exercise was intense enough.

This is mostly down to what is called EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) where the oxygen consumption of your muscle cells increases significantly following intense exercise causing your body to continue burning calories at a higher and faster rate long after you are done exercising.

It is this after burn that gives intense exercise it’s power. In fact some exercises are so intense that they cause an after burn that lasts for days.  They cause your body to carry on burning calories at a much faster rate for up to 48 hours after you are done doing them.

This is the key losing weight quickly when exercising. If you want spend a lot less time exercising and lose weight a lot faster you must focus on exercising in ways that consistently gives you strong after burns. To focus on methods that significantly raise your metabolism for hours after you are done exercising.

That’s the most efficient and the most effective way to exercise…the smart way to exercise. The key to losing weight quickly while exercising.

You spend less time and burn more calories. You win in two important ways.

The formula for exercising effectively for weight loss is simple

Quicker, more intense movements = longer calorie burn, quicker weight loss and reduced exercise time.

To burn more calories, lose weight quickly and reduce how much time you spend exercising, simply increase the intensity of your exercise sessions.

Now there are many ways you can do this. You can simply ride your bike faster, run faster, walk more briskly, dance more fiercely…anything, any kind of movement, so far as it is quick and intense would give you a significant after burn, but there is one that has been found to be more effective than the others.

It is called high intensity interval training or HIIT.

HIIT is a kind of exercise where you move in bursts of accelerated movements and rests. You exercise fast (usually all out)for a few seconds-usually between 20 to 90 seconds depending on the exercise and then slow for another short period usually between 30-60 seconds, and then continue doing that for around 20 minutes.

You can apply it to practically any form of exercise…for example biking and sprints.

HIIT works miracles for losing weight. It is very powerful indeed.

It accelerates fat loss by up to 5 times compared to steady state aerobics

A recent American study showed that a 20 minute session of HIIT done three times a week burns 6 times more fat over a 4 week period than a similar amount of steady state cardio.

That it burns up to 2% body fat over a 4 week period. That’s compared to 0.3% body fat burned by steady state cardio done at the same frequency and duration over the same time frame.

Fat loss gets highly accelerated when you do HIIT.

The reason this happens is primarily because HIIT raises your metabolism and gives you an after burn that lasts up to or even more than 36 hours. That’s up to a day and a half of increased fat burn.

Just one 20 session of HIIT ensures that you keep burning fat throughout the day. Talk about burning fat on auto pilot!.

A 20 minute HIIT session done three times a week keeps your metabolism permanently raised throughout the week.

Note that in contrast steady state cardio stops burning calories the moment you stop doing it. It does not burn fat beyond the period of exercise. That’s why it is inferior to HIIT.

Another advantage that HIIT has over “normal” cardio is that it builds muscle. A 20 minute session of HIIT done three times a week adds as much as 2 pounds of muscle to your body over a 4 week period.

Normal aerobics actually makes you lose around 1 pound of muscle over the same period.

The increased muscle mass that HIIT gives you helps prevent the muscle loss and reduction in metabolism that is usually associated with weight loss.

It also resets your metabolism higher and ensures that you keep burning fat at a much higher level for months even if you chose to stop exercising.

When you do HIIT consistently over say 12 weeks your body gets conditioned to burn fat at a much faster rate even if you decide to stop exercising afterwards.

HIIT has also been found to reduce or eliminate abdominal and visceral fat.

HIIT is the best way to exercise. The most efficient way to exercise. The fastest way to lose fat and slim down while exercising.

You should add it to your weight loss plan if you want to lose weight quickly.

It is recommended that you do HIIT only 2-3 times a week (but not more) because HIIT can be very tasking on your body and because the body takes up to 48 hours to recover from a 20 minute session of HIIT.

You shouldn’t do more than three sessions of HIIT in a week. You could be endangering your health if you do.

And you must make sure you are in good health before you start. That you don’t have any serious illnesses like heart disease, or poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension or obesity that might seriously endanger your health and life if you choose to start intense exercise.

HIIT is wonderful, HIIT is powerful, it has the power to make you slim quickly, easily and for life if you do it diligently and religiously.

Examples of simple and effective HIIT sessions

1 Sprint

Run all out for 30 seconds, slow down to a walk for 1 minute and repeat sequence for 10-20 minutes.

2 Burpee HIIT

Do as many burpees as possible in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then continue the sequence for 4 minutes.

3 Bike

On a stationary bike, go all out for 20 seconds, take your feet off for 10 seconds and repeat the sequence for 4 minutes.

Make HIIT a steady part of your exercise and you’ll kiss fat goodbye in no time.