Project Description

I am a health addict.

Healthy living is to me what cocaine is to a drug addict, just thinking about it gets me high.

Drinking water(not coffee)every morning is my daily fix

I get tipsy when I read the health magazine.

I eat a salad every evening and enjoy licking low calorie salad dressings

And if you don’t know I spend my entire afternoon itching to eat fruit for snack.

So if you find some of the ideas you are about to read a little stoked don’t worry it’s the addict in me speaking.

Things might be a little fuzzy up here and I might be speaking from a haze. Maybe when I sober up later I might think a little differently but right now these are the snorty things that I believe you’d have to do to live a healthy life.

I believe that the fear of junk food is the beginning of healthy living, that fast food is food for fools.

That a man who eats junk all day and expects to have a healthy body is like a man who puts kerosene in his car and expects it to move.

I believe that the pot is the world’s most important health equipment and that when you leave it your health leaves you, that you can tell how healthy a society is by simply counting how many people in it actually cook their own food.

I believe that the kitchen is far more important than the gym and that those who reverse the order suffer serious health consequences.

I believe that the world started dying the day restaurants were invented and that it continues to die as they grow.

I believe that the man who invented soda should be given 24 lashes because he taught the world how to poison itself.

I believe that the gut is the exhaust pipe of the body, that you can easily tell how healthy your body is by examining the quality of what’s coming out of it.

I believe that sugar is to Americans what vodka is to Russians…that’s it’s how they forget their troubles for a while. I also believe that sugar is the most addictive drug in the world.

I believe that our bodies thrive on moderation, that lack and excess are harbingers of disease.

I believe that no matter how healthy food is, that even if it is as healthy as manna and quail from heaven that eating too much of it will make you sick.

I believe that temperance is key to a healthy body and that obesity is destroyed by self control.

I believe that moderation is a cure for most of the world’s ills.

That the only right way to cut calories is to eat vegetables ,that people who count calories are like star gazers who try to manage time, that ultimately they fail miserably because success in anything including weight loss is more about managing your desires and priorities than about managing “things”.

I believe that what you eat is more important than how much you eat. That you can get slim eating a pound of vegetables or get fat eating the smallest morsel of fat in the world.

I believe that meat is the most important cause of excess cholesterol in the blood and that diabetes is the world’s most preventable disease.

I believe that no matter what anyone tells you, that if you are fat it is probably because you are not eating right.

That obesity is a nurture problem not a nature problem

That your genes have very little to do with how fat you are.

I believe that the easiest way to lose weight in the world is to stop eating junk and watching so much TV.

That one of the quickest ways to lose weight is to get off your ass.

I believe that the childhood instruction “eat your veggies” is the best nutritional advice the world has ever been given and that the words “eat out” are the worst.

I believe that the two most powerful words in the weight loss industry are “eat right”, that “eat right” not “eat less” is the right advice for getting a slim body, and that moving your body makes losing weight as easy as putting one foot in front of another.

I believe that slow exercises yield slow results. That the healthiest way to lose weight quickly is to move quickly when you exercise. Every moving thing burns more “calories” when it moves quickly and so would you.

I believe that the word “diet” is a major reason most people never succeed in losing weight, and that you must replace it with “eat” if you want to succeed.

That thinking “health” makes losing weight more likely than thinking “beauty”.

That thinking long term makes losing weight more likely than thinking now

That lifestyle changes, not quick fixes are the only path to a slim, healthy body.

That the most dangerous words in the weight loss industry are burn, shred, fast and ripped, because they make people do dangerous things.

That the Atkins diet is an unhealthy diet.

That the Barry Sears zone is as dangerous as the Bermuda triangle

That eating for blood type is a bloody myth.

That the Ornish diet is incomplete.

And that most crash diets are for losers.

I believe that playing with your kids everyday can help you lose weight

That dancing to your favorite tune can make you slim.

That “refined carbs”, not “carbs” are a nutritional problem.

That most nutrients become toxic when they leave their natural, unrefined environment.

That it’s much better to sprint for 10 minutes than to run for one hour, and much better to run up than run down.

That an easy way to lose weight is to turn happy hour into exercise hour

That every woman can lose weight if she chooses to carry her groceries upstairs by herself.

That it’s possible to lose weight shopping.

That eating breakfast and sleeping long can make you slim.

That boxers aren’t being stupid when they jump rope to lose weight.

I believe that broccoli contains more protein than steak and kale more calcium than red meat.

I believe that you don’t need to avoid fat at all, that you only need to eat the right kind of fat. That fat starts to die when you learn to add UN before SATURATED.

I believe that corn syrup is more poisonous than arsenic, and transfat more lethal that cyanide. That you must learn to avoid both if you want to live.

I believe that as a man eateth so he is,  that as he drinketh so he will be, and that thou shall not be a “couch potato” is the second most important commandment for losing weight.

I believe that trying to get slim while sipping soda is like trying to put out a raging fire with fuel

That you can tell how sick a man is by how much sugar he eats and how healthy he is by how much vegetable he eats.

That “go nuts” is great advice for getting a healthy body

That eating a handful of raw nuts every day can make you live longer by 6 years.

I believe that you can lose 4 pounds in one month by simply eating fruits for snack

I believe that soda and cheese are the major reason America is the fattest country in the world.

That all cases of coronary artery disease can be prevented.

I believe that you can tell how sick an adult will be by how quickly he grew as a child, that the faster you grow the sicker you are likely to become.

That a child that is fed mostly milk and meat is like a crop that is grown mostly with fertilizer-it grows fast but ends up riddled with disease.

I believe that eating mostly animal food is a recipe for a health disaster.

That man is the healthiest omnivore when he eats mostly plants.

That fasting once a week is good for your body.

I believe that cancer is mostly a nutrient deficiency disease, that eating beans helps prevent prostate cancer and that you can get slim eating cannellini beans.

I believe that you can cure type 2 diabetes without pills and coronary artery disease without meds.

That vegetables, beans and fruits are the most powerful medicines in the world.

I believe that when you abuse food you get nutritional damnation, that the day the world became the Sodom and gomorah of unhealthy eating it got obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many cancers as fire and brimstone.

I believe that detox is like oil change for the body…that we all need a cleanse from time to time to thrive.

I believe that the healthiest prayer that you can ever pray at the dinner table is praise the lord and pass the veggies.

And I am hoping that we’d all start heeding that prayer so we can all have healthier bodies and make the world a healthier place.

Those are the commandments that health addicts like me use to get and stay healthy.

I hope you’d find them useful too.