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This is one time when losing weight quickly is actually safe. Usually I do not recommend that you shed weight this fast because the side effects can be severe with fatigue, abnormal food cravings and being the least of your worries.

But surprisingly there is a way to lose weight fast, without exercise and without suffering any side effects at all!, and that is what I am going to show you here.

People who have tried it report great results; most shed as much as 10 pounds in 7 days and a few up to 20 pounds.

Now, usually when you lose weight this quickly your metabolism shuts down making it more likely that you will gain even more weight in the future.

But that does not happen with this method and in a moment you’d understand why.

First of all though let me reveal to you other good things that will likely happen to you when you try this weight loss method

1 You will find it easy to do, probably easier than any other method you have ever tried in the past. In fact you will find it so easy that you will likely want to continue doing it after the stipulated period.

2 You will have more energy

3 You will feel more healthy

4 You will feel more vibrant

5 If you suffer from food cravings your food cravings will disappear

6 If you are depressed your mood will improve

7 If you suffer from diabetes your blood sugar will be better controlled…in fact you will need fewer pills and may even get off your insulin shots

8 If you have coronary artery disease and angina the pain will become less severe and less frequent.

9 Arthritis, if you have it will improve

10 If you have been suffering from brain fog and lack of concentration, you will have a clearer, sharper more relaxed brain.

11 And if you want to lose weight quickly for summer you’d get the body you want, without any side effects.

All these will happen if you follow this plan for 7 days

And if you choose to follow it for longer…say for 7 months or up to a year you will enjoy even bigger benefits.

1 You will lose up to 90 pounds

2 You will become slim even if you are currently obese.

3 Your health will completely improve

4 If you suffer from diabetes it will be completely reversed and you will be completely off your pills.

5 Angina pain will be a thing of the past.

6 You blood cholesterol will improve.

Now, I know that all these must sound like over promising to you…you may actually have read claims like this before. But I permit me to tell you that this is different. If you follow the method that I am about to show you, the things listed above will happen to youl.

How can I make this claim?, how can I be so cure?,

The reason is simple

The method that I am about to show you is

1 As old as man

2 It is the healthiest way to eat in the world

3 When you follow it you eat the exact foods that your body was originally designed to eat

4 When you do it you eat as much food as you like and still get slim…you never have to starve or count calories ever.

5 You eat some of the healthiest, most delicious foods on the planet

6 You enjoy some of the most delicious meals in the world.

7 When you do it you can choose not to exercise and still lose weight…a lot of weight. In fact you lose more weight than you ever thought possible

What am I talking about?

I am talking about eating delicious, healthy, 100% vegetarian meals for 7 days. When you do this even stubborn fat disappears and you get slim even if you have tried several times in the past to lose weight and failed.

The reason this works is simple

1 Vegetarian meals nourish your body the way it was originally designed to be nourished. Man is an omnivore and studies have shown that he is healthiest when he gets 90% of his nutrients from plants.

2 Eating plants significantly reduces how much calories you eat because plants contain the least amount of calories of all the foods in the world. Eating plants reduces your calorie intake naturally and effortlessly without you ever needing to count calories. You can eat plant food until it is coming out of your nostrils and still not eat too many calories or gain weight. That’s how “calorie lean” plant food is.

Because of it’s low caliorie content it is impossible not to get slim when you make eating plants a significant part of your diet…even if you are obese right now. It is the surest way to get slim in the world. If you are morbidly obese and in a life threatening situation but still want to regain your health you can do so easily and predictably when you choose to go on a 100% natural vegetarian diet.

You will be amazed at how much leaner and healthier your body will become.

3 Vegetables contain healthy chemicals that cleanse your cells and block fat storage. Your body essentially gets a detox every time you eat vegetables.

4 Eating vegetables suppresses craving for sugar. It is the most effective way control hunger cravings. The more vegetables you eat the less sugar you will want to eat.

5 When you follow this plan you eat most of the superfoods that fight weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. You eat onions, eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower and mushrooms that also aggressively fight inflammation.

6 Plant food furnishes your body with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Plants are the most nutritious foods in the world. Vegetables have a nutrient score of 97/100…the highest of any food item in the world. Even whole grains which are the least nutritious of plant foods are more nutritious than the most nutritious animal foods. When you eat plants you flood your body with nutrients and vitamins that cleanse your body cells and restore health. You block fat storage, open up blocked arteries and literally immunize your body against diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and many cancers.

When you reduce how much calories you eat and increase nutrients, the result is always a slimmer, healthier body.

So how do you do this in practice?,

Again simple

1 Eat a healthy high energy breakfast every morning

While on this plan your breakfast should consist of

1½ a cup of raw oats

Low sugar fruits like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, papaya, pomegranates, green apples and oranges.

Nuts and seeds like flaxseed, chia seeds and walnuts.

A simple way to do this is to mix together crushed walnuts, apple slices, a sprinkling of cinnamon and raw oats and flaxseed.

You can also make a healthy smoothie from fruits, leafy green vegetables, flaxseed and unsweetened almond milk.

2 Eat a large delicious salad for lunch

Lunch should consist of a large salad containing lots of green vegetables. You can also add nuts, seeds and beans and enjoy it with fresh fruits such as banana and mango or soups.

Examples of simple delicious lunch meals you can eat are…

A Green Salad with frozen peas, soaked in orange and lemon juice, with 1-2 Fresh fruits.

B Green salad with Orange/sesame dressing , 1 cup of chick peas, beans soup with 1-2 Fresh fruits

3 Eat a large amount of greens for dinner

For dinner eat a large salad of raw vegetables with salsa or humus. You can also eat a large amount of steamed greens such as broccoli, kale, string beans, buck choy and zuchinnis.

If you want to eat some carbs for lunch eat beans.  Beans are the healthiest source of carbohydrates…even more so than potatoes and whole grains. Beans are rich in fiber and protein and do not raise your blood sugar as much as potatoes and whole grains like brown rice do. The body also uses beans to produce butyrate-a fatty acid that helps in fat burning.

Delicious vegetarian dinner recipes you can eat

A Spinach salad with orange juice and lemon

Broiled fish

Steamed string beans with onions and mushrooms.

B Mixed green salad with slices of orange and sliced Almonds

Steamed and chopped kale with garlic and onion powder

Baked potato with non fat tomato sauce

4 Eat fresh fruit for Dessert

You should enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit for dessert or turn frozen fruit into a sorbet using a high powered blender and enjoy.

5 Foods to avoid while on this diet.

While on this plan you should avoid the following foods. These foods are weight loss killers

1 All sweet drinks

2 All artificial sweetners

3 All refined carbodydrates-refined cereals, bread, white rice, pasta.

4 Most dairy-milk, butter, yoghurt cheese.

5 Eat non fat dairy such as kefir or yoghurt once or twice a week, or replace them with non dairy milk products such as almond milk or soy milk.

6 Eat meat twice a week

This plan allows you to eat two servings of fish or white meat in a week but not more. That’s up to 4 oz of meat in a week. How many servings it takes for you to eat the 4 oz is up to you. You can eat everything at once or spread it out over several servings throughout the week. Whatever you decide is fine. Just make sure you don’t eat more than 4 oz of meat in one week. Turkey is best because it is the leanest, but chicken, salmon, tuna and shrimp are also fine.

Dealing with bloating while on this diet

Increased intake of fiber can lead to increased gas and loose stools. If that happens to you, simply switch to steamed greens until it subsides and then gradually reintroduce raw vegetables making sure to chew them properly before swallowing. Doing so will control the problem.

If you are looking for a way to lose weight quickly and safely this is one of the best ways to do it.

It hardly ever fails.

This is the only quick weight loss method that has the backing of doctors, especially prominent weight loss doctor like Dr Fuhrman of the Eat To Live best seller and Dr Oz.

This just goes to show you how highly thought of it is.

You can do it knowing that it will work and keep you safe. Because it has already worked for so many other people.

Anyway thanks for reading and good luck.