If you would like to lose weight fast and stay thin and healthy for the rest of your life without ever having to go on a diet, follow the 14 rules below.

They will do just that to your body…

Get and keep you thin and disease free for life without dieting.

That is because they cut your calories deeper, nourish your body better, keep your body cleaner, boost your metabolism higher and cure you of food cravings more permanently than anything you’ve ever tried.

They do so by removing or restricting high calorie and low nutrient processed and animal foods from your diet and replacing them with low calorie highly nutritious fiber rich whole plant foods.

And by cleansing your body of the dirt and sludge that poison your tissues and organs and slow your metabolism.

The net result being that you eat fewer calories and that the blood sugar and insulin spikes that cause cravings are permanently suppressed because of all the fiber and the nutrients that you are now eating.

You get a thinner, healthier body and a longer life without all the struggle that dieting causes.

A life free from disease, diets and pills.

They work particularly well for people who have lost weight on a diet and gained it all back and people who are seriously overweight.

Including people who have pockets of fat that they have a hard time getting rid of.

And these rules are simple to follow.

There’s no hard thinking required.

Start below

how to lose weight fast and permanently without dieting

1 Eat whole plant foods for at least 2 2/3 of your 3 square meals each day

This means getting at least 90% of your daily calories from whole plant foods.

This automatically removes 90% of all the fat and disease causing foods from your diet: processed foods, full fat animal products, transfat…etc.

Whole plant foods are the lowest calorie, highest nutrient food group.

Making them the bulk of your diet guarantees a thinner and healthier body.

It is hard to eat too many calories or too much junk food when you eat mostly whole plant food.

2 Eat no more than 1/3 a meal’s worth of animal and processed foods throughout the day.

This automatically cuts how much calories you get from processed and animal foods… to no more than 10% of your total daily calories.

Processed and animal foods are the highest calorie, lowest nutrient, most saturated fat and cholesterol containing food groups.

The two most fattening and disease causing food groups.

Restricting them in this way therefore instantly improves your weight and health.

Because your calories drop significantly and your nourishment improves.

3 If you are a woman eat no more than 150 calories of animal and processed foods in a day or 1000 calories in a week. (That’s the equivalent of 1 bagel or 1 ½  teaspoons of oil or 3 ounces of broiled checken or turkey breast or 4 ounces of fish or 1 ½ thin slices of cheese or 1 ½ cups of 1% skim milk )

4 If you are a man eat no more than 200 calories of animal and processed food in a day or 1500 calories in a week. ( That’s 1 bagel or 2  teaspoons of oil or 4 ounces of broiled chicken or turkey breast or 5 ounces of fish or 2 thin slices of cheese or 2 cups of 1% skim milk a day).

5 Eat no more than 1 or 2 items of animal and processed food in a day. The rest should be whole plant food.

6 Eat plant foods as the main dish and animal/processed foods as condiments.

7 Rarely or never eat beef (red meat ), processed foods, sweets, full fat cheese, full fat milk or hydrogenated fat ( transfat ).

8 Eat fish and fat free dairy not more than twice a week

9 Eat poultry, eggs and oil not more than once a week

10 Never eat more than 12 ounces of lean meat (poultry and fish) in a week because although lean meat is low in saturated fat, animal protein triggers the production of an insulin like hormone called IGF( Insulin-like growth factor ) that’s even more powerful than Insulin and has been proven to cause weight gain and cancer causing cell mutations.

11 Never eat more than 12 ounces of low fat dairy (skim milk, nonfat yogurt ) in a week: the equivalent of 1 ½ cups for the same reason.

12 All together animal products and processed foods should never supply more than 10% of your calories in a day.

13 Whole plant foods should never supply less than 90% of your calories in a day.

14 Drink 2 liters of water a day

Drinking this much water cleanses your body, flushes out waste, boosts your metabolism ( by as much as 100 calories ), reverses inflammation, cut your calories ( by as much as 500 calories )and causes you to lose as much as 10 pounds the first week.

A Short Summary Of The 14 Rules

If you find the 14 rules above a bit many use the simpler summarized version below. It is less detailed but still helps you achieve similar results.

how to lose weight fast and permanently without dieting

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of this post is the simple understanding that the key to fast and permanent weight loss is eating more of the right foods, not less of the wrong foods.

how to lose weight fast and permanently without dieting