Recently I found a nutritional guide that I believe can help you lose weight fast if you want to. A guide that can help you lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks without you feeling as though you are on a diet or that you need to count calories or restrict portions.

And to do so consistently.

The summary of the nutritional guide is that to lose weight fast and get healthy you should eat unprocessed plant food exclusively or predominantly ( 90% of the time ) with a strong emphasis on eating green leafy vegetables, other kinds of green vegetables and beans which is advocated that you eat at least once a day each.

It is called a “greens and beans diet” where “salads are the main dish” and it is very powerful and highly successful too and also eliminates food cravings and other signs of food addiction so that you lose weight fast without being under too much stress.

On the average it ensures that you eat no more than 1800 calories a day and a lot of fiber and nutrients so that you lose weight easily without hunger.

But really it just says you should eat only plants with a lot of greens and beans.

If you are in a hurry take a look at the graphic below to get an idea. In it the guide is broken down into 9 tips and a daily menu to make it easy to follow.

lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks

It was created by Dr Fuhrman, the bestselling American family physician and lifestyle doctor and he uses to treat over weight, obese and chronic disease patients in his medical practice.

Including patients suffering from illnesses ranging from severe obesity to diabetes and heart disease.

In most cases this guide does not only help his patients lose a lot of weight quickly,it also helps them improve and in many cases reverse diabetes and heart disease.

The amount of weight loss recorded in his practice for patients using this diet goes as high as 20 pounds in 7 days.

It is a “diet-style” ( as he describes it: a diet that easily becomes your lifestyle because it is very low hassle ) that causes fast weight loss and health using high nutrient foods.

The theory behind the “diet style” being that people gain weight not necessarily because they eat too many calories but rather because they eat too little micronitrients ( the thousands of calorie free minerals that unprocessed plant foods contain )

That what causes weight gain and disease is not so much the amount of calories we eat as the quality of those calories.

That 100 calories of veggies for example won’t have the same effect on your body fat wise as 100 calories of pizza.

That the type of calories you eat contributes more significantly to weight gain and disease than the amount of calories you eat, the underlying factor being how much micronutrients those calories contain.

Regardless of whether you understand the science behind his approach or even agree with it, the truth is that it works.

There is no argument about that part.

It has helped a lot of people, even people that conventional medicine had given up on regain their health and reclaim their bodies.

It will no doubt help you lose a lot of weight too if you try it.

As much as 20 pounds in 2 weeks?,

Yes, as much as that or even more if you follow it.

The focus of the nutritional guide is to ensure that you lose a lot of weight eating high micronutrient foods most of the time.

The benefits to your body and health can be immense going as far as curing binge eating and food cravings.

This diet also lets you lose weight while eating as much food as you like and never having to struggle with hunger because it is incidentally also very low calorie and high fiber.

And the micronutrients also directly melt fat from your body too.

The net effect is that the more of the diet you eat the more weight you lose. So that you don’t feel as though you are on a diet because you are never really hungry or deprived or need to count calories or restrict portions.

The graphic is below explains the diet even better.

how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks without fail

It spells out 3 clear nutritional instructions for losing weight and getting healthy

It says you should

1 Eat vegetables, beans and fruits liberally

2 Eat starchy vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, fish, fat free milk and wild meat and fowl in moderation.

3 Avoid or limit red meat and sweets.

What this means in practice is that

1 At least two of your meals should be vegetables, beans and fruits

2 At  most one of your meals should be starchy vegetables ( eg potatoes ), whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, fish, fat free milk and wild meat and fowl.

3 You should avoid red meat and sweets completely.

To make it even simpler you should

1 Eat at least one large vegetable salad or steamed greens a day

2 Eat at least one bean based meal a day

3 Eat at most one plate of starch vegetables or whole grains a day

4 Eat fruits and raw nuts and seeds for snack

So, your daily meal plan might look something like this:


Over night oats, or green smoothie plus fruits and nuts and seeds


One large plate of greens: green vegetable salad, steamed greens or mixed veggies plus a no oil low sodium salad dressing, and fruits and nuts if you choose.


One large plate of beans: eg vegetable black bean soup, Mexican lentils, bean enchilada etc with fruits and nuts and seeds if you choose.

It is true that the meal plan above is a bit limited but you get the idea.

You can use your own meal ideas to add a bit of variety to your meals so far as you stick with the “high nutrient food only” principle.

Eat a lot of high nutrient plant based meals. That’s the summary of the meal plan.

These meal ideas are also incidentally very low calorie and high fiber so that you lose weight very quickly when you eat them.

The foods in the graph decrease in nutrient density and increase in calorie content as you move from the left to right.

Green vegetables are highest nutrient and lowest calorie and the best foods for weight loss while red meat and sweets are lowest nutrient and highest calorie and the worst foods for weight loss.