The two fastest ways to lose weight in the world are

1 Plant based eating

2 High intensity interval training

There are no other ways to lose weight that match them in terms of the speed and degree of weight loss that they cause.

They cause the fastest, largest and longest lasting weight loss of all weight loss tips and together can increase weight loss more than 10 times.

And both of them have benefits that stretch far beyond mere losing weight.

1 Lose Up To 20 Pounds In 7 Days eating plants


Eating unprocessed plant food (plant based eating) cuts your calorie intake by as much as 50% without you needing to count calories at all.

It floods your body with fiber and nutrients that cure you of food cravings in as little as 10 days and cures food addiction in 4 weeks.

It causes weight loss of up to 20 pounds in 7 days, and easily sheds more than 100 pounds in one year. It also makes dieting completely unnecessary.

The reason it does all those things is because plants contain the least amount of calories, and the largest amount of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants of all foods.

Plant based eating is the world’s lowest calorie, highest nutrient, most fiber rich, and most antioxidant rich way to eat.

The world’s healthiest and most effective slimming diet.

No other diet comes even close

When you eat mostly plants literally all the factors that cause weight gain get eliminated from your life…excessive intake of calories, not enough intake of nutrients, food craving, binge eating and toxic eating,

Also whole plant foods contain no refined carbohydrates and very little saturated fat…two of the most important causes of weight gain.

Whole plant foods literally melt fat and disease from your body when you eat them because they eliminate most of the factors that cause weight gain and disease.

But they do not only make you slim.

Because they lower blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides largely because of their high fiber content, eating whole plant foods also significantly improve and even reverse health problems like

Type 2 diabetes in 3-4 months,

High cholesterol in 60-90 days,

High blood pressure in 30-60 days,

Angina chest pain in 10-30 days,

Coronary artery disease, the vascular causes of erectile dysfunction (50%-90% of ED cases)and Asthma in 1-2 years.

Obesity in 1 year.

Note that the results above are from eating whole plant foods exclusively-100% of the time. Eating whole plant foods predominantly but not exclusively say 90% of the time instead of 100% will give you similar results but a bit more slowly.

Whole plant foods are more powerful for slimming down and getting healthy than any pill you’d ever take, than any workout you’d ever do, than any diet you’d ever go on and even weight loss surgery(that is not an exaggeration).

They are more powerful than Norvasc for lowering blood pressure, more powerful than Lipitor for lowering blood cholesterol and more powerful than weight loss surgery for getting slim.

Eating whole plant foods gives you weight loss surgery type results, but without the trauma that weight loss surgery causes.

If you are so fat that you are considering weight loss surgery, try eating whole plant foods first, 100% of the time for 8 weeks. You will lose so much weight that you won’t need to go for weight loss surgery any more.

The most effective form of weight loss surgery…gastric bypass causes the loss of 33% of excess body weight in 1 year

Eating whole plant food creates the same result in 6-7 months.

The reason like I said above is because whole plant foods are the lowest calorie, highest nutrient, highest fiber and most antioxidant rich foods in the world and because they contain none of the junk that make people fat and sick-junk like refined carbs, saturated fat, corn syrup, trsansfat, excess salt and alcohol.

Whole plant foods on the average contain 6 times fewer calories, at least 5 times more nutrients and up to 30 times more fiber than the standard American diet.

A pound of green leafy vegetables contains 100 calories, has a nutrient density of 100% and is 2%-6% fiber. A pound of red meat contains 2000 calories, has a nutrient density of 8% and contains no fiber. One pound each of Beans, fruits and starchy vegetables (eg sweet potatoes),contains 350, 250 and 350 calories, and have nutrient densities of 48%, 45% and 35% respectively.

Whole plant foods on the average contain 264-300 calories per pound and have an average nutrient density of 56%.

The standard American diet on the average contains 3,000-3,500 calories per pound and has a measly average nutrient density of 5%.

Switching to eating whole plant foods therefore significantly lowers how much calories you eat while completely eliminating the fat causing food cravings and food addiction that are caused by nutrient deficiencies.

You lose weight seamlessly, down to your natural weight without pause and without ever needing to worry about hunger or your calorie count when you eat whole plant foods.

And it is the only weight loss method in the world where eating more food actually makes you thin because it increases the amount of body slimming micronutrients in your body and because no matter how much whole plant food you eat you never end up eating too many calories.

Whole plant foods are the world’s healthiest way to eat.

The world’s most disease curing, disease preventing, disease reversing  and medicinal way to eat.

They are foods that are more powerful for reversing disease than most medicines are.

Foods that boost your immunity, increase your resistance to disease, cleanse your body of deadly toxins and completely remove the three most important reasons why people gain weight and get sick-excess intake of calories, inadequate nutrition and food cravings/addiction.

To quickly start using this powerful tip to lose weight go ahead and download my free ebook “Slim Without Dieting”. It contains a meal plan and recipes to help you get started quickly.

2 Burn fat 6 times faster using short, steamy 20 minute exercises


High intensity interval training (aka HIIT) is also very powerful for losing weight. One 20 minute session of a HIIT workout raises your metabolism and keeps your body burning fat for up to 2 days.

HIIT workouts burn up to 6 times more fat over a 30 day period than an equivalent amount of aerobic exercise. They suppress appetite and make you eat less food for 2 days, burn up to 30% more fat from your belly than any other workout system , add 2-4 pounds of muscle to your body in one month, shed up to or even more than 10 pounds in 20 days , improve insulin sensitivity and lower the blood sugar level of people with type 2 diabetes.

Combining plant based eating and a HIIT workout is the most powerful thing you can do to lose weight ever. The maximum weight loss potential of plant based eating is 20 pounds in 7 days. HIIT comes in a close second at 10 pounds in 21 days. No other weight loss tips in the world, not even weight loss surgery can give you faster results.

No type or amount of fat no matter how stubborn it may be is able to withstand the fat burning power that using those two tips together generates because they burn fat in so many ways…cut calories, cure food cravings, boost metabolism, increase muscle mass, directly block the nourishment of fat cells, lower blood sugar, lower insulin, cut saturated fat, increase insulin sensitivity etc.

The effect of using them together to lose weight is exponentially more powerful than even weight loss surgery…and they create quicker and long lasting results too.


Using the two of them can easily help you lose more than 20 pounds in 30 days or even faster.

If you are looking for a sure way to lose weight fast combining those two tips is as sure as it gets.

You won’t fail.

They slim you down even if every other method you have used to lose weight has failed.

They are the perfect cure for weight gain that has defied every other solution and will make you slim even if you are morbidly obese.

For a simple yet very effective HIIT workout watch the video below. The workout it shows you takes only 10 minutes to do but can help you lose as much as 10 pounds in 3 weeks.