Losing weight is simple, it is not complex at all. It can be as easy as climbing a flight of stairs every morning or riding your bike to work.

It is forming new, simple habits like these and doing them consistently that makes you lose weight quickly.

Simple, effective consistently taken actions are the key to quick weight loss.

Weight gain is a disease of habits and forming new habits is ultimately it’s cure.

Here I show you 156 simple things that you can do to lose weight fast.

156 new habits that you can form to make fat disappear.

And all you need is to do a few of them and you can begin to see fat receed.

4 or 5 of these tips are all you need.

Doing 4 or 5 of them can get you slim in as little as a month…because they are very effective.

And they are safe too. They are not the kind of ideas that will damage your health when you do them. You won’t read about crash diets or any other kind of fad or gimmick here. These are real ideas that can make a real difference to your waistline and your health.

So please do them.

Memorize them, practice them.

Make them your lifestyle and you will certainly get thin.

156 ways to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Please make sure you read the entire 156 of them. Some of the ideas you’d learn here will do you a world of good

1 Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and helps you burn 10% more calories throughout the day…that’s up 10 pounds lost every year from merely eating breakfast alone.Eating breakfast wakes your metabolism from sleep so that you can start burning fat and losing weight early. It sounds strange but scientists have found that obesity rates are 35%-50% higher among people who don’t eat a breakfast every morning than among people who do.

2 Eat a good amount of protein every day, preferably plant protein. At least 220g-250g a day ( that’s 6 egg whites, 8 oz of skinless chicken breast, 6 oz of lean steak, 30 grams of Whey protein and a plate of chicken salad every 24 hours). Doing so will boost your metabolism, burn up to 30% more fat, build more muscle and keep hunger at bay. A protein diet burns 80-100 calories a day, suppresses appetite and causes you to eat 450 fewer calories. Make protein at least 25% of your daily meal to reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and reduce nigh time snacking by half. The best source of protein is unrefined plant food so make sure that most of your protein comes from there.

3 Eat 25g of fiber every day ( that’s 1 ½ cups of black beans or 1 ½ cups of lentils or 3 cups of raspberries, or 3 cups of blackberries, or 2 raw Avocados, or 4 cups of bran flakes, or 6 cups of oatmeal) . Doing so boosts your metabolism by 30%, burns more fat, keeps you feeling fuller for longer, reduces blood sugar, reduces insulin, reduces blood cholesterol and make you generally healthier.

4 Drink 3-5 liters of water every day. You’d burn 50 more calories in 24 hours or 5 pounds of fat a year. Drinking water boosts your metabolism by up to 30% for up to 1 ½ hours after you drink it. Drinking half a liter of water one hour before a meal causes you to eat fewer calories and lose up to 44% more weight than you otherwise would. Water does not just flush waste off your body. It burns fat too.

5  Get as much activity into your day as possible, seize every opportunity to move, Never stay in one position for too long-for more than two hours at a time-get up and move. Remember that sedentary people gain 8 times more weight than people who move often.

6 Keep a record of what you eat. Plan your meals. Remove your feeding from automatic. Start conscious, deliberate, pre planned, predetermined feeding. People who track what they eat lose twice more weight than people who don’t. When you eat without planning, you get fat without thinking. People who eat on impulse gain weight automatically.

7 Avoid alcohol when you are trying to lose weight. Don’t drink even a drop. Two bottles of a Martini slow your metabolism by 70% and causes you to gain up to 8-10 pounds a year.

8 Sleep for 6-8 hours every night to keep your cortisol level low and your metabolism high. Poor sleep has been linked to 89% of Obesity cases in children and 55% of Obesity cases in adults.

9 Avoid stress. 24 hours of stress causes you to burn 104 fewer calories in a day and gain 11 pounds of fat in a year.

10 Avoid liquid calories, especially the sugary type…sweetened Sodas and fruit juices also, they carry up to a 60% risk of Obesity.

11 Take a 20 minute pause before going for seconds. Those minutes would keep you from putting more calories into your body. It takes your brain 20 minutes to actually know that you have eaten.

12 Take the stairs instead of the elevator to burn 100 calories for every 10 minutes you climb.

13 Be more active by 30 minutes every day and you’ll burn 120 more calories and lose 12 pounds a year.

14 Eat organic and unprocessed foods to burn more fat and prevent pesticide poisoning, Pesticides slow down your thyroid which in turn slows down your metabolism and makes you gain weight.

15 Give up Trans fat. It stops your body from burning fat, causes belly fat to accumulate and your weight to increase.

16 Run 10 100 yard sprints to burn 500 more calories a day and lose 4 pounds a month.

17 Move during tv commercials. Jump, dance, run up and down the stairs. You’d burn 270 more calories a day or 28 pounds a year.

18 Don’t know where to start?, start running…on the road, round the neighborhood, on your treadmill, you ‘d start losing weight and feeling lighter and firmer before you even know what is you are doing.

19 Keep busy at home, don’t just loaf around doing nothing. Wash your car to burn 270 calories per hour, rake the leaves to burn 230, mow the lawn to burn 350. Keep busy, keep burning.

20 Eat dill pickles, they contain only 1 calorie per slice.

21 Jump rope for just 10 minutes, you’d burn 100 calories. You burn 100 calories for every 10 minutes of rope that you jump.

22 Jog for 15 minutes to burn 250 calories

23 Cook your own food. You’d cut up to 400 calories per day and lose 28 pounds a year. It’s easier to cut calories when you have full control over your own cooking.

24 Walk 1 mile every day and you’d be at least 17 pounds lighter every year.

25 Read constantly about losing weight. The more you learn the faster you’d lose.

26 Avoid corn syrup like the plague…it is probably the most important cause of weight gain in the world.

27 Use less creamy dressings for your salad, like Balsam Vinegar to cut 300 calories

28 Take up power Yoga, It burns up to 350 calories per class.

29 Avoid blended drinks. They make you eat up to 240 more calories and gain up to 18 pounds a year.

30 Exercise standing, you’d burn 30% more calories.

31 Remember that burning 250 calories a day reduces your weight by 2 pounds a month

32 Coat your skillet with cooking spray instead of butter to save 92 calories and 11grams of fat.

33 Remember that a teaspoon of olive oil contains 100 calories…don’t over indulge.

34 Do exercises at home that tire your muscles in 90 seconds (like squats and pushups), they are as effective as going to the gym.

35 Remember that coffee helps you lose weight but only if you drink one cup a day. Otherwise it damages your health.

36 That if carbohydrate is white it is probably not good for your weight.

37 Ride your bike to work or in the evenings to burn 900 calories per hour.

38 Run for 20 minutes every day…and in two months you would have lost 20 pounds.

39 Dance Zumba twice a week to burn 1,200-2,000 calories, tone your abs, tone your thighs and lose 11 pounds in two months.

40 Walk your dog around the block for 20 minutes a day, you’d lose 20 pounds a year.

41 Carry groceries upstairs to burn 110 calories in 15 minutes

42 Train with your partner to increase your likelihood of weightloss by 34%.

43 Start small, set simpler goals…5 minutes of pushups every morning, a 10 minute walk every day, rolled oats instead of your usual breakfast cereal in the morning, start small and build momentum. Losing weight won’t be such a daunting task if you take simple steps every day.

44 Use a small dinner plate to reduce how much you eat and lose weight quickly.

45 Use a blue colored dinner plate to suppress appetite (scientific studies have shown that the blue color suppresses appetite).

46 Substitute Greek Yoghurt for mayo  and sour cream to cut 700 calories and 100 calories per cup respectively.

47 Brush your teeth after dinner, the fear of “dirtying” your mouth would keep you from wanting to eat a late night snack that can make you gain weight..

48 Replace a breakfast of Bagel and juice with a bowl of Oatmeal and eggs. You’d burn 30% more calories than if you didn’t.

49 Poach eggs, fish and poultry instead of frying them to reduce your fat intake and keep weight gain at bay.

50 Do laps in the pool to boost your metabolism, burn 500 calories per hour, build muscle, tone your body and lose weight.

51 Drink your coffee black or with skimmed milk to cut 105 calories.

52 Eat more Avocados, they are loaded with good fat(monounsaturated fatty acids) that help you fight bad fat and belly fat.

52 Watch less television, you’d automatically eat less mindlessly and lose more weight that way.

53 When you eat starch the serving should not be bigger than a baseball…that is if you ever eat starch at all.

54 As much as possible avoid refined (processed) carbohydrates…they cause a spike in your blood sugar, increase food cravings soon after you eat them and significantly increase your risk of diabetes and  obesity.

55 Do aerobic exercises every day…they are good for losing belly fat.

56 Eat no more than 72 grams of sugar per day…anything more and you are likely increasing your fat stores. Sugar markedly increases your risk of Obesity, Diabetes and heart disease.

57 Eat a small bag of air popped corn instead of corn chips to cut 60 calories

58 Add vegetables to as many meals as you can. It is the easiest way to reduce the amount of calories you eat because vegetables are the lowest calorie foods in the world.

59 Go Rock climbing to burn more than 700 calories an hour

60 Shop the perimeter of your grocery store before going inside. It will help you eat healthier and lose weight because fresh produce is usually kept at the perimeter of a grocery store.

61 Take a healthy snack with you wherever you go. An ice cream will be less attractive to you when you know you already have a snack in your bag.

62 Eat your fruit don’t drink it. Doing so will make you 4 pounds lighter every year.

63 Eat a serving of black beans as a side in your meal. The protein and fiber it contains will burn fat to blazes.

64 Avoid staring at unhealthy foods for too long, especially the very delicious looking ones, the more you stare the more likely you are to want to eat them.

65 Combine cardio and weights to increase oxygen intake, activate muscle, build more muscle and burn fat faster.

66 Drink water before a meal. It will reduce your appetite.

67 Don’t be a couch potato. Do sit ups, pushups and jumping jack while watching TV to keep your metabolism amped and your body lean.

68 Keep unhealthy oily, sugary, salty snacks from your kitchen to avoid the temptation of eating snacks that make you gain weight.

69 Eat delicious unhealthy food once a week, eat as much as you like to prime your body for even more weight loss and to keep you from missing junk food too much.

70 Eat chicken fingers instead of chicken wings. You’d eat more protein, less fat, less sodium and less calories.

71 Note your goals as you meet them, it is good for your motivation and your confidence and will help you stick with your weight loss plan better.

72 Stock your freezer with healthy food so you won’t be tempted to stock them with foods that poison your body.

73 Gradually reduce the number of high fat foods you eat. Your waistline will also reduce as a result.

74 Eat dark chocolate, it contains less sugar, less fat, more fiber, more iron and more health giving antioxidants. It satisfies your sweet tooth without poisoning your body.

75 Eat an apple 30 minutes before every large meal, you’ll feel less hungry and eat much less calories that way.

76 Do burpees, they work nearly every muscle in your body

77 Get a physical regularly to make sure that your weight loss effort is not damaging your health

78 Eat a burger without the fries and cheese to cut 300 calories

79 Run a sprint uphill to make the sprint harder, burn more calories, build more muscle, increase endurance and lose more weight.

80 Go out for lunch once monthly instead of once weekly…you’d eat less junk and lose more weight that way.

81 Eat your biggest meal of the day after lifting weights, Scientists have shown that you burn 73% more calories that way

82 Play a pickup game of hoops with your friends to burn 500 calories while having fun

83 Try to run farther in the same direction every time you run…even if by only a few meters You’d always burn more calories that way.

84 Try running up a hill, the more vertical your cardio the more fat you burn.

85 Eat a fat free fudge bar instead of chocolate cream to cut 200 calories

86 Eat more slowly-up to 10 minutes per meal. You’ll reduce cravings and eat less calories that way.

87 Do pull ups, they work more muscles and burn more fat than pull downs.

88 Try to take 10,000 steps a day. You’d lose 4 pounds of fat in a month that way.

89 Replace rice with broccoli as a side in your meal to cut up to 250 calories

90 Eat low fat cottage cheese, it’s rich in calcium and contains only 163 calories per cup.

91 Eat with your family at the kitchen table. You’d eat less, socialize more and lose weight.

92 Work old truck tires to help you build more muscle and burn fat.

93 Spice up your meals with chili or hot sauce to heat up your body and burn more calories.

94 Train with a stronger friend, it’ll be more fun and he’ll push you harder to succeed.

95 Do the cross training of a mixed martial artist and you’d get the body of a mixed martial artist soon

96 Swap half a cup of pureed cauliflower and butternut squash for half a cup of shredded cheddar cheese in your mac n’ cheese to cut 200 calories.

97 Visit the park, you can do pull ups and work your abs work with equipment that you find at a playground

98 Buy a small sized snack instead of a supersized one-you’d eat less calories that way.

99 Buy a new pair of sneakers after every 500 miles…the sight and smell of new shoes will keep you motivated.

100 Eat half your serving at a restaurant and take the other half home to eat later. You’d eat less calories that way

101 Take the leftovers from a party-fries, chips, cookies to the office and let your coworkers finish them instead of eating all of them yourself at home.

102 Snack on fruit so you won’t snack on fries later.

103 Join your neighborhood sports club. It will force you to exercise and make a slim athlete out of you even if you don’t like it. It might even be fun too.

104 Drink only no calorie drinks…( green tea, coffee, crystal light and water)instead of soda. You’d cut 50,000 calories(…pounds) a year that way

105 Do pushups every morning to kicks tart your metabolism and get some upper body training

106 Sleep more than 7 hours every night. Good sleep makes you slimmer than you will otherwise be.

107 Swap your old routine for a new one every six weeks to keep things fresh and to retain efficacy.

108 Squat heavy to build more muscle, increase strength and burn more calories

109 Train abs heavy, train with the heaviest weights you can handle to strengthen your abdominals and burn more fat.

110 Add pepper and spice to your meals to boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

111 Eat grilled, roasted, baked, steamed, sautéed, oven fried, marinara and primavera…not oily or deep fried. You’d reduce your fat intake that way.

112 Use elliptical with handles to work more muscle in your arms and burn more calories.

113 Add strawberries to your protein shake to increase fiber, control cravings, burn more calories and lose more weight.

114 Replace a side of potato, or pasta with veggies when eating at a restaurant. You’d eat healthier and eat less calories that way.

115 Take an honest before photo, you’d be more motivated to lose weight knowing what you look like and what you want to become.

116 Train on an empty stomach once a week to boost adrenalin and reduce blood sugar.

117 Eat Pistachios instead of Pretzels to get a healthier body and a reduced waist line.

118 Eat Omega-3 rich foods like Salmon and Tuna to reduce resistance to Leptin, reduce inflammation and burn more fat (Leptin is a hormone that is thought to promote fat burn)

119 Eat 2 cups of Lentils to get 70% of your body’s daily iron needs, keep your body healthy and your metabolism strong(iron deficiency is a common cause of a slow metabolism and weight gain in America).

120 Increase the intensity of your workout for 30 seconds every minute. Do this repeatedly for 20 minutes to boost your metabolism by up to 36% for 36 hours and burn more fat and lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

121 Eat peanuts from their shells, you’d eat 50% fewer nuts from trying to peel the nuts before eating.

122 Chew sugar free mint gum after a meal to send signals to your brain that it’s time to stop eating.

123 Eat a low carb diet (not more than 150 grams of carbohydrate in a day) to lose 2-3 times more weight than if you ate a low fat diet.

124 Get weight loss inspiration from your worst weight loss moment…knowing how bad things were will keep you from wanting to go back.

125 Eat a small snack of protein and fiber after a workout to help you stay on track.

126 If you ever need to eat junk food, buy single serving, never family size…you’d do less damage to your waistline and health that way.

127 Measure everything-your calories, your weight, your body fat percentage. Knowing where you are helps you know what you need to do to get where you are going.

128 Do a bit of warm up while waiting in line for the treadmill. A few box jumps is all it takes to get your muscles humming.

129 Replace rice with broccoli as a side in your meal to cut up to 250 calories

130 Reduce the rest periods in between weight lifting sessions, you’d enjoy a longer after burn that way.

131 Eat a sauce as a side in your meal, you lose tons of calories with enjoyment.

132 Avoid foods that come in a box, they are usually highly processed and cause your body to store fat instead of burning it.

133 Keep busy while watching TV, you are less likely to eat when your mind is on something constructive.

134 Eat once a week at a restaurant instead of seven, you’d eat less junk and lose up to 10 pounds of fat in a month that way.

135 Keep your home free of unhealthy snacks, it’s hard to eat unhealthy snacks when you can’t find them.

136 Avoid potato, it raises your blood sugar and makes you store more fat. Sweet potato is fine though.    It contains more fiber and therefore does not significantly raise your blood sugar.

137 Eat healthy snacks like carrots and humus instead of Krispy Krème Doughnut and French Fries you’d lose 20 pounds in three months that way.?

138 Stop night time eating…it’s the easiest way to get your pre-baby body back.

139 Substitute 16 oz of black coffee for 16 oz of flavored latte to cut 250 calories

140 Eat more calcium, it makes you lose twice more weight than you ordinarily would.

141 Substitute 1 ½ cups of strawberries for 16 oz chocolate ice cream to cut 215 calories

142 Substitute 16 oz of sparkling water for 16 oz of lemon lime soda to lose 200 calories

143 Lift weights to keep you from losing muscle when on a diet.

144 Watch only the TV shows you care enough about to record. You’d reduce your couch time by up to one third and store less fat that way.

145 Eat more vegetables to nourish your body, suppress cravings, burn more calories and lose more weight.

146 Eating healthy is the most effective way to lose weight. Focus on getting the right foods and nutrients into your body…and fat will gradually disappear.

147 Remove cheese and fries from your burger to cut 300 calories

148 Eat more Avocados, they are great for getting a flat belly.

149 Workout in a hoodie, it will warm up your body and help you burn more calories

150 Eat at least one of your meals as a salad every day, you’d reduce how much calories you eat and better nourish your body.

151 Eat a handful of raw nuts every day, it helps keep belly fat at bay.

152 Drink a large cup of green smoothie every day to lose up to 10 pounds a month and cure belly fat.

153 Aim to burn 500 calories every day, you’d lose 1-2 pounds a week

154 Cut fast food and soda, replace snacks with vegetables and berries, and you’d lose up to 7 pounds in 10 days.

155 Restrict your daily calorie intake to between 1,050-1,200 and exercise for at least 1 hour every day, you’d lose 3-5 pounds in your first week.

156 Eat only vegetarian meals for 7 days-you’d lose 10-20 pounds that way.

Do at least 4-5 of these tips for 30 days and you’d be much slimmer afterwards than you ever thought you could be.

Anyway, good luck on your weight loss journey