I first came across this tip while doing a bit of reading on PUBMED and I had to read it over and over again to be sure I was seeing right.

It was a report about a study that was done to assess how intense physical training affects the distribution of abdominal fat, glycemic control and insulin sensitivity in people with NIDDM (aka type 2 diabetes).

The findings were nothing short of eye popping.

This is what happened.

After subjecting the 24 participants to twice weekly intense 45 minute cycling sessions and a once weekly intermittent exercise for 2 months they found after assessing the results using a highly accurate method-umbilical MRI that the participants on average lost 48% of visceral(abdominal) fat and 18% of subcutaneous fat.

They found that the participants lost far more fat from their belly than from the rest of their bodies…by as much as a 30% margin.
This result was also in keeping with findings from other studies that showed that intense, vigorous “anaerobic exercise” causes increased loss of fat from the belly than from the rest of the body.

That vigorous exercise appears to burn fat faster and more selectively from the abdomen.

It was like music to my ears.

As you can probably tell I was as excited as I was surprised.

For two key reasons.

1 The belly fat loss was huge. A whopping 48%, almost half in mere 2 months for exercising not more than 3 times a week. Far more than any other known workout system or regimen I know.

In fact the only thing that is known to cause faster belly fat loss is liposuction which is far riskier to the point of actually killing people…to the point of killing up to 10 people per 100,000. A death rate that is higher than the annual death rate for road traffic accidents.

2 And you should note that before now the accepted belly slimming wisdom was that to burn belly fat you needed to slug away endless hours of cardio (aerobic exercise) and wait for months and months to see results.

Well, this clearly shows that that’s no longer the case. You can lose belly fat at lightening speed, with much less effort and in much less time if you’ll simply switch to more intense intermittent exercise as the study shows.

And you know, you hear a lot about how it is impossible to spot reduce fat from your abdomen.

Especially the dogma that to slim your belly you must slim your entire body too.

Now while this study does not conclude that there is a way to solely and exclusively target and eliminate fat from your belly, it however shows that there is a way to tilt your body significantly towards burning mostly abdominal fat when you exercise with the potential to significantly boost your rate of belly fat loss.

That there is a way to cut fat fast and predominantly from your belly without surgery or liposuction

That you can essentially intentionally trick your body into burning more fat from your belly than from the rest of your body and significantly boost belly fat loss as a result.

That for reasons that are not entirely clear, intense exercise burns fat preferentially from your belly than from the rest of your body.

Now this finding is very important, especially for people who need to lose belly fat fast or people battling with stubborn belly fat.

Especially for people who have been trying to use aerobic exercise (aka cardio) to shed belly fat without much success.

You can now up the ante and simply switch to exercising more intensely and hope for a better result.

Exercising with more intensity should be the answer for you.

And this seems to bear out in real life too.

I think this could be the reason why sprinters for example never seem to have any belly fat. In fact this study promted me to start observing the physical appearances of athletes who engage in intense forms of physical exercise more closely. Cyclists, sprinters, etc and you note very quickly that it’s hard to find any active athlete of an intense sport who has an obviously large amounts of belly fat.

The key to losing belly fat fast has been staring us in the face all along. Hidden in plain sight!.

If you want to melt belly fat faster, the answer is simply to exercise more intensely…more vigorously, regularly.

Now, there are many ways you can do that-you can get on an exercise bike like the people in the study discussed above, go on regular sprints, cycle to work or around the block every other day, play lawn tennis or soccer or the hoops.

But I am convinced that probably the best way to harness the power of intense exercise to slim your belly is to do HIIT-high intensity interval training (exercise that alternates periods of intense movement and slower movements or rest) because apart from being intense as the name suggests and therefore guarantees creating a slimmer belly quicker, HIIT also has a myriad of other benefits…one of which is the fact that you can do it for far less time than the workout they used in the study…say for 20 minutes at a time and still get peak results.

HIIT has also been shown to boost metabolism for up to 2 days and increase the amount of Human growth hormone in your body by up to 771% thereby boosting muscle growth, increasing lean muscle mass easily and safely, and exponentially increasing the capacity of your body to burn even more fat.

It also suppresses appetite for up to 2 days because it reduces the amount of the appetite hormone ghrellin that is circulating in your body causing you to eat 38% less calories than you otherwise would and on the whole helping your body burn up to 18 times more fat than it would if you used cardio instead.

So, while you can exercise more intensely across the board using whatever exercise staple you like to try and slim your belly more quickly, HIIT will be my exercise of choice because of all the extra benefits listed above.

I recently found a very effective belly slimming HIIT workout sequence created by the fitness site-fitness blender.

It is really one of the most effective belly shredding workout sequences I have seen.
It is 20 minutes long and can cause your abs to show in as little as 20 days.
I have embedded the video below, so please enjoy.