Each of these 14 workouts sheds at least 1 pound of fat a week when done for an hour a day. That’s at least 3,500 calories burned in 1 week. They are the best workouts for slimming down quickly.

If you are looking for ways to burn a lot of fat and lose weight fast, any of the workouts will be a great help.

You should start with which ever one you feel the most comfortable doing and not necessarily the one that burns the most calories because how consistent you are with a workout is more important when it comes to losing weight than the fat burning power of the workout itself.

All the fat melting power of the most powerful workout in the world won’t do you much good if you can’t stick to it.

So, pick the workout you’d enjoy doing the most and do it over the long term.

You’d find it easy keeping the fat off and creating the body of your dreams.

Always remember that creating great looking, great feeling, healthy, disease free body is a marathon and not a sprint.

Adopting a long term approach is the surest to achieve your weight loss goals.

1 Cycling

Cycling is the king of fat burning exercises. It burns 500 calories every 30 minutes if you are a man and 425 calories every 30 minutes if you are a woman. That’s up to 7,000 calories or 2 pounds burned in 1 week if done for 1 hour every day. And it’s easy to add cycling to your daily routine. You can choose to cycle to work or do it as a form of recreation at any time during the day. Do that and watch fat disappear.

2 Stair climbing

Have you ever seen athletes running up and down the stairs of a stadium or a sports arena?. Well, they do it because it works (by the way any exercise that athletes do is bound to be effective because it is usually based on professional, scientifically proven advice). You can never go wrong copying the workouts athletes do no matter how silly it may look.

Stair climbing burns 450 calories every 30 minutes you do it and is great for working the legs. That’s 900 calories every hour or 6,300 calories or 1.8 pounds every week if done for one hour a day.

And you don’t need to go to the stadium to benefit from this workout. Your stair case at home will do just fine. Just climb up and down as many times as you can. It is particularly good for ladies who want great looking legs and beautifully shaped butts. Because climbing stairs works all those beautiful muscles too. So, to burn fat and look more beautiful try climbing stairs more often.

3 Inline Skating
inline skating2

This is another fat scorcher and it’s a lot of fun too. It’s great for speed junkies. You essentially glide your way to a slimmer body. You burn a hefty 425 calories for every 30 minutes that you do it. The sideways movements do the tick. They burn a lot of fat in your thighs and in your butt. Your core also gets involved to help you achieve balance so you end up working your core muscles too. Your knees and your other joints are also largely spared when you burn fat with these speedy exercise. Remember though to take along protective gear in case you get involved in an accident.

4 Jumping rope

A fun exercise that burns 425 calories if you are a man and 375 calories if you are a woman for every 30 minutes that you spend doing it. It is a favorite of sports people especially professional boxers, but is also loved by moms and children alike. It is probably the most fun way to burn fat ever. You just happily jump your way to a slimmer, healthier, better toned body. It should be high on your list for easy ways to burn fat quickly.

5 Swimming

Swimming is another fun way to burn fat. It is great for getting a well toned body and is remarkably easy on the joints. You won’t feel aches or pains or get bruises when you burn fat swimming. Every 30 minutes spent swimming burns 420 calories if you are a man and 360 calories if you are a woman. If you have a pool in your home or at the fitness club where you train, or you have a friend who does, consider doing a few laps now and then. Your body will be better for it.

6 Aerobics

Aerobics are fun and easy and burn fat quickly. They are particularly good for working the female body…giving a beautiful girl a firm butt, cellulite free thighs and really beautiful abs. A 30 minutes aerobics session burns 420 calories in a man and 340 calories in a woman. For a lean, well sculpted body, do aerobics frequently.

7 Running

Sleek and lean…that’s how every runner ends up looking and it’s because running works the largest fat burning muscles in your body. Running burns major calories and is great for relieving stress and depression too. Every 30 minute running session burns 374 calories. When you are feeling down or looking to break major sweat, simply put on your running shoes and hit the road. Your mood and your body will improve. Alternate fast and slow intervals or running up a hill helps you burn even more calories while running than you otherwise would.

8 Hula hooping
hula hoop

This is a celeb’s favorite exercise for getting a lean beautiful body. Known to be used by stars such as Byeonce and Marisa to stay beautiful. This “wriggling” exercise burns 300 calories for every 30 minutes that you do it and it is a lot of fun too. You should definitely try it at home sometime. Just get a hoop your size and get going. You can get a smaller one for your daughter too so you can have fun doing it together.

9 Zumba

A popular, fun dance that burns up to 300 calories for every 30 minute that you do it. You practically dance your way to a slimmer, healthier, more beautiful body. If you are a dance enthusiast or you simply want to have fun and lose weight while meeting other fun loving people, try a few sessions of Zumba, you’d have fun, lose weight and make new friends too.

10 Jogging
jogging 17

Feeling a bit lazy?, why not jog instead. It’s almost as good as running and burns almost as much calories…up to 300 calories in 30 minutes. So if you don’t feel like running, you can still get almost all the benefits of running by jogging instead. Jogging is a good substitute for people who don’t like to run.

11 Ellipticals

The infinitely more fun cousin of the treadmill, an elliptical trainer burns 300 calories for every 30 minutes that you use it and can burn up to 11% more calories if you chose to go backwards as well as forward when using it. It certainly works more muscle groups than a treadmill does.

12 Lawn tennis or squash
lawn tennis2a

Lawn tennis burns 272 calories in 30 minutes and you don’t need to go to a lawn tennis court to do it. Just get a racket and a ball and find yourself a wall, then stand 20 feet from it and hit as hard as you can keeping up rallies for as long as you can. You’d literally feel the fat flying off your body. You’d workup major sweat and burn major calories…and have a little fun along the way too.

13 Freestyle dancing
dancing at home

We talked about Zumba a while ago but you don’t need to do any choreographed dance or sign up for a dance class to burn fat. Dancing at home will do just fine and can help you burn 221 calories in 30 minutes. Just put on your favorite tune preferably a fast one with a lot of rhythm and dance away the fat. You’d be rocking and losing and watching time fly. And you may find that you don’t want to stop after 30 minutes!. Dancing is really one of the most enjoyable ways to burn fat ever. You should definitely try it some time. Dancing will make you happier and keep the fat at bay.

14 Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics 1

If you don’t like running but can’t swim either, why not try water aerobics?. It’s not quite as powerful as swimming or running but at 200 calories burnt for every 30 minutes you spend doing it, it is nearly as good. If you don’t like having injuries or painful joints but can’t swim if your life depended on it, try water aerobics and you’d do just fine. You’d work your body, get leaner, get happier without working too hard for it.