Treadmills are a great no excuse way to exercise regardless of weather or time of day.

The comfort of being able to exercise in your own home can be a huge benefit especially as learning to use a treadmill correctly can cause a good amount of calorie burn.

That’s what the treadmill workout I am about to show you does.

It is a simple interval walking workout that’s designed to burn a significant amount of calories…as much as 150 calories in just 30 minutes.

It is quite effective and fits easily into your schedule.

You can do it before going to work, after work or during happy hour.

It fits in seamlesslly into your life.

It is made up of 5 phases and alternates between faster and slower walks in order to cause the most calorie burn long after you have finished exercising.

For best results do it at least three alternate days a week.

If you do you’d likely see glaring results within weeks.

You could lose up to 10 pounds by the end of the third week especially if you combined the workout with a healthy diet.

You are sure to see great results within weeks of starting this workout.

So, put on your walking shoes, hop on a treadmill and lets burn some calories.

treadmill fat burning workout