How losing weight quickly gives you obesity and heart disease

Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, the desire to lose weight quickly is a common one. Most people who have a weight problem want to get rid of it quickly. The high level of stigma that is now associated with weight gain(aka body shaming) means that there is so much pressure now for people to [...]

Lose weight three times faster exercising 30% less than you used to.

This tip is a favorite of professional athletes…especially sprinters. It’s how they can afford to stay in shape week in week out without spending too many hours exercising. It is a very effective way to exercise. It is all about efficiency, about how many calories you burn. The truth is you can spend hours exercising [...]

156 tips for losing weight quickly and permanently-just 4 or 5 of these tips can make fat disappear.

6Losing weight is simple, it is not complex at all. It can be as easy as climbing a flight of stairs every morning or riding your bike to work. It is forming new, simple habits like these and doing them consistently that makes you lose weight quickly. Simple, effective consistently taken actions are the key [...]

Fastest way to lose weight sheds 20 pounds in 7 days without exercise

This is one time when losing weight quickly is actually safe. Usually I do not recommend that you shed weight this fast because the side effects can be severe with fatigue, abnormal food cravings and being the least of your worries. But surprisingly there is a way to lose weight fast, without exercise and without [...]

Fat that builds muscle and sheds weight every time you eat it

It started as an experiment to settle once and for all if saturated fat actually makes you fat. A Swedish  PHD student named Christofer Backlin from the Uppala University had decided to put his health on the line to try and solve this mystery once and for all. For 49 days him and 38 others [...]