If you want to lose 7, 10, 15, 20 pounds in one week

Follow the tips below.

If you do you will lose a lot of weight.

Why am I so sure?

I am sure because doing so will significantly cut how much calories you eat without you needing to struggle with hunger.

How do you do it?

Well, you will need to be a little strict with what you eat…with your diet.

But it’s not hard.

I recommend you go all out

Note: there is a strict version of the plan and a less strict version.

The strict version gives you faster results. The less strict version is easier but also good.

Choose the plan you are most comfortable with and run with it.

Also note that although these plans are strict they are actually not hard to do because they cause little or no hunger and because they allow you literally eat as much food as you like and still lose weight. Without you needing to count calories and even if you choose not to exercise.


how to lose weight in a week

Plan one: the strict plan

1 Eat only whole plant food

Eating only plants is a great way to lose weight fast…it is probably the fastest way to lose weight, for many reasons.

Plants contain

1 The least amount of calories

2 The highest amount of fiber

3 The highest amount of micronutrients

4 And the least amount of saturated fat

Of all foods.

Food type Calories per pound Nutrient density
Raw leafy green vegetables 100 100%
Solid green vegetables 100 97%
Non green non starchy veggies 100 50%
Beans 350 48%
Fresh fruits 250 45%
Starchy vegetables 350 35%
Whole grains 600 22%

A plant based meal on average contains 30%-50% less calories and up to 4-5 times more fiber and micronutrients than the average American meal.

When you eat mostly plants you significantly cut how much calories you eat, increase how much fiber you eat, increase how much microutrients you eat and reduce saturated fat.

You increase the factors that make you thin and reduce the factors that make you fat

You get thin because you cut calories on autopilot without feeling hungry because of all the fiber and micronutrients that you eat.

By the way micronutients are thousands of natural, healthy compounds found in plants that cause significant weight loss and a boost in health when you eat them.

They are different from the better known macronutrients…protein, carbohydrates and fat, and are much more beneficial to health…and they don’t contain any calories.

Plants stabilize your blood sugar and insulin…and therefore reverse cravings.

Eating only plants for a week has been shown to easily cause 10-20 pounds of weight loss by doctors who use this way of eating to reverse severe obesity in their patients.

If you eat only unprocessed plant food for a week that’s the kind of weight you will lose.

In fact you might lose weight so fast that it begins to scare you.

So fast that you might actually start wanting to slow down.

So to lose a lot of weight in a week simply avoid all processed and animal based foods and eat only plants.

What should you eat?

Eat only

1 Vegetables

2 Beans

3 Fruits

4 Whole grains

5 Nuts and seeds

For a week.

Essentially go vegan for a week

The result is always a thin body and a better health profile.

And it won’t matter if you have struggled to lose weight in the past.

You will lose a good amount of weight this time.

It is almost impossible to eat only plants and not lose weight.

2 Drink 2 liters of water a day

Add water to your diet. Drink lots of water.

Water is powerful for weight loss.

It cuts your calories, suppresses your appetite, detoxifies your body and boosts your metabolism. Hydration is almost as important as nutrition for losing weight.

Studies have shown that drinking 1.5 liters a day can boost your weight loss by as much as 44%.

People who have tried drinking this much water have lost up to 10 pounds the first week they tried it. Even when they did not change their diets or engage in any exercise.

Water is a powerful stand alone weight loss solution.

So, drink lots of it.

You will lose a lot of weight as a result.

3 Eat at least 3 fruits a day

Fruits are fiber and micronutrient powerhouses. They also contain very few calories.

A measly average of 250 calories per pound.

Fruits are therefore great for curbing appetite, cutting calories and nourishing the body.

You eat less food and lose more weight when you eat more fruit.

Eat at least three fruits a day.

You will feel less hungry especially in between meals and lose more weight as a result.

You should eat more high fiber fruits like apples, pears and berries.

And if you would like to get more specific with the tips above and make losing weight a certainty, follow the meal plan below to lose as much weight as you like in a week

It works very well for losing weight fast for reasons already discussed above.

how to lose weight in a week


For breakfast drink a green smoothie.

A green smoothie is probably the best drink for losing weight.

It cuts your breakfast to around 230 calories and suppresses your appetite for large parts of the day.

It is a very fiber and micronutrient rich drink because of all the fruits and vegetables it contains.

The chlorophyll it contains helps “detox” your body and reverse inflammation too.

Drinking a green smoothie for breakfast every day will help you lose up to 10 pounds in 4 weeks and make you a lot healthier too.

That’s the usual experience of people who drink a green smoothie for breakfast every day for 7 days especially when they pair it with a healthier diet.

A green smoothie also helps lower your blood sugar and cholesterol.


For lunch eat a large leafy green vegetable salad.

Leafy green vegetables are the healthiest foods in the world.

They are the best foods for weight loss too.

They contain the least amount of calories and the highest amount of micronutrients of all foods (refer to the graph above).

They also contain a lot of fiber, a lot of antioxidants and no saturated fat.

You can eat a mountain of green leafy veggies and still lose weight.

So eat a green leafy vegetable salad for lunch. Eat as much as you like to get as thin as you like.


Eat either a double sized serving of steamed greens, a plant based vegan soup or a bean based meal for dinner.

These meals have a similar nutritional profile and effect on your body as a vegetable salad.

They lower your calories, curb hunger and boost nourishment.

None of these foods contain more than 350 calories per pound.

And they are all fiber and micronutrient powerhouses.

The net effect of eating this way is ultra fast weight loss with little hunger.

And because you eat very little calories and a lot of micronutrients you can simply eat as much food as you like and still get thin.

Calorie counting and portion control are not necessary when you eat this way.

And some micronutrients have been found to block fat from being stored in your body so that the more food you eat the more weight you lose because the more fat they block.


Eat only fruits for snack, at least 3 fruits a day to better control your appetite and improve the nourishment of your body.

Doing so continues the theme of low calorie, high micronutrient, high fiber eating.  A pound of fruit is just 250 calories.

Eat high fiber fruits like apples, oranges and berries.


Drink water. A lot of water.  Up to 2 liters a day to cause even more weight loss.

So, that’s your meal plan for one week

Like I said you essentially go vegan for a week.

And the result is always incredible.

Give it a try.

You won’t regret it.

Plan two: the less strict plan

The “less strict plan” uses all the steps above with one key difference…it allows you to eat” healthy animal foods” like

1 Pasture fed poultry

2 Wild caught fish

3 Grass fed low fat dairy

But it only allows you to eat these 10% of the time…once or twice a week not more.

You eat whole plant food 90% of the time and “healthy animal food sources” for the remaining 10%.

Eating this way has the advantage of being easier while fairly guaranteeing the fast weight loss results of eating a whole food plant based diet.

You get the same results as with the strict plan but only slower.

How to keep the weight off for good.

There is no point losing all that weight only to gain it all back.

A simple way to keep the weight off or even lose more weight is to simply continue with the less strict version of the plan.

90% plant food, 10% animal food but with no refined foods, red meat, sweets or treats.

This should be enough to keep the weight off.

I don’t recommend that you do anything less than the 90/10 plan if you are really serious about losing a good amount of weight in a week, but if for some reason you can’t do it then make sure that at least 2 of your 3 daily square meals are 100% whole food plant based. You might gain back some of the weight but you are not likely to get  fat.

And depending on how fat you currently are you might actually still continue to lose weight on even such a lax whole food weight loss plan because for many people even such a plan would still cause a significant reduction in terms of how much calories they eat.