This is one of the simplest tips for burning fat I’ve ever come across. In fact it is so simple it is almost stupid. When I first came across it I remember thinking to myself…what in the world?, you know, I didn’t know something this simple could be this powerful.

But that’s the world we live in.

Sometimes the most powerful things come in the smallest of packages.

Simple can be very powerful sometimes.

So, what am I talking about?,

See, next time you want to go exercising do this simple thing before you start.

Pop a green pill.

Pop a green what?,

Pop a green pill.

Ok enough of the leg pulling.

Precisely…take a pill of green tea extract.

Seriously?, yes seriously.

Apart from the fact that it is a very healthy thing to do because green tea has so many amazing health benefits,

It has been found that taking a single pill of green tea extract before exercise increases your fat burn by as much as 17%-25%. Just one pill.

Now think of it this way…you don’t exercise any harder, you don’t run any faster, you don’t sweat any more profusely…you just pop a green pill and voila…you are burning fat like a chimney.

Now, I know you might be thinking “c’mon” it can’t be that simple,  but honestly it is. Taking a pill of green tea extract before you exercise can do wonders for your fat burn.

And the reason is scientifically simple.

It is because green tea apart from many other things stokes your body to burn more fat.

In fact that’s not the reason. The reason is because green tea stokes your body to burn more fat SELECTIVELY. Now this is very important.

You see, many fat burners have no discriminatory effect. They just make you burn calories across the board…fat, carbohydrate, protein so that when you take them you lose fat but also lose other nutrients and tissues like protein and muscle which may cause a reduction in your metabolism and limit further weight loss.

But what’s amazing about green tea is that it switches on fat burn selectively. It creates a bias in your body for burning more fat than any other substance.

And it has been shown that this selective fat burning effect of green tea is accelerated when you exercise.

That it works in a “synergistic manner” with exercise to increase fat burn by as much as 17%.

Green tea is not simply a metabolic stoker it is a selective fat burner whose awesome fat burning power is boosted by exercise.

It’s like the proverbial adding of fuel to fire, or fire to fuel as the case may be. The result is always a bigger fire.

That’s what happens when you bring exercise and green tea together. The result is a bigger fat burn than any of them can produce on their own.

It’s like getting more easily depressed when you take barbiturates because you are already down on alcohol.

But in a good way.

So add this to your exercise routine…put on your running shoes, wear your heart rate monitor, comb your hair, then pop a green pill.

Doing that will get you lean faster than you ever thought possible.

And of course while at it don’t forget the other benefits you get from taking a pill of green tea extract, reduced blood cholesterol, reduced blood sugar, reduced blood pressure, preventing Alzheimer’s…heck everything.

That’s how powerful a pill of green tea extract can be.

Haven’t got a pill?, no problem. Get a drink instead. A green drink that is. 1-2 cups and you are off to the races.

So this is one of the simplest ways to increase fat burn that I’ve ever found. Can you say pop a green pill anyone?, yes that’s all it takes to burn 17% more fat when you exercise.

And it’s a healthy habit too.

By the way you can get a bottle of green tea pills from any health food store.

green tea extract makes you burn fat 25% faster