You will lose up to 18 pounds in the next 30 days if you do this workout every day especially if you cut out junk food, generally eat more clean and reduce fatty foods.

A lot of people who have made it their daily routine have reported losing a lot of weight…some as much as 15-18 pounds in one month.

The reason it is so effective is because it is thorough while being only appropriately intense.

It works every muscle in your body…including your abs while being just intense enough to boost your metabolism and keep your body burning fat for a while after you have finished doing it.

The thoroughness of the workout encourages maximum oxygen consumption and fat burn during the workout while the moderate intensity of the workout causes fat burn afterwards because of the mild to moderate after burn that it causes.

A double effect that makes for increased and more sustained fat loss.

And the fact that it is only moderately intense also makes it beginner friendly although you might have some difficulty completing the first few sessions if your fitness level is particularly off.

But that’s perfectly ok.

You shouldn’t push yourself too hard in order to avoid injuries. Just make sure you are consistent…that you do it once a day every day (at least once a day 3 days a week).

It should get easy quickly as your fitness level improves and the results will be quick too.

And remember to hydrate properly too before and after the workout. That will also help.

This exercise is great for people who are busy and do not have enough time to exercise multiple times a day.

You do it just once a day to get great results.

And it produces results whether you are just a beginner or an advanced fitness pro.

It is one of the most effective cardio workouts I know.

It has pretty much everything you need to create a great body quickly…user friendliness, efficacy and affordability (you don’t need any equipment to do it and you can do it at home) and it was created by one of the top fitness companies in the US…fitness blender (a fitness company known for creating free workout videos that often create better results than many paid alternatives)