This is the fastest way to lose weight you’d ever come across

It helps you lose up to 20 pounds in 7 days and easily sheds more than 100 pounds in 1 year. Estimates from sites like forksoverknives and show that it is actually faster than weight loss surgery because it sheds 50% or more of excess body weight in one year.

That’s faster than the fastest form of weight loss surgery-gastric by pass, which sheds a maximum of 33% of excess body weight in one year or 65% of excess body weight in 2 years)

And it does so without exercise, diets, pills or counting calories. Without any kind of trauma to the body or side effects.

It is probably the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight too because it significantly improves your health.

But apart from the fact that it sheds weight fast, it is also very safe.

It does not cause all the problems that are usually associated with fast weight loss methods.

Instead it improves your mood, increases your energy and gives you a strong, healthy, vibrant body.

It also improves and/or reverses chronic diseases like diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes), hypertension and heart disease when used over a few months.
…As Angela’s story shows below

After a Lifetime of Poor Health, I Lost 120 Pounds and Regained My Life

After a Lifetime of Poor Health, I Lost 120 Pounds and Regained My Life

As a child I was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune liver disease and was told by my doctors that I would probably not live beyond the age of 10.

I somehow made it to my early thirties but came down with cirrhosis of the liver and weighed 245 pounds.

I was always in poor health because of the disease and because of the harsh meds that I had to take and I also had a severe case of Asthma.

Fearing for my life and desperate for a solution I found and adopted a plant based lifestyle. Two years later I have lost 120 pounds, the inflammation in my liver has markedly reduced and my liver disease markers are almost normal.

I feel full of energy and full of life.

I was recently featured in 2016 “Half Their Size” version of people magazine and I am so grateful that I got a platform to use my story to help other people.

Angela Montanez

It is the product of 20 years of research by scientists at Cornell and Oxford Universities who published their findings in one of the most highly acclaimed healthy living/weight loss related books ever written. A book called the China study which is a must read for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.

It is a weight loss method that is used by doctors to treat overweight patients in several American hospitals (in hospitals like the University of Rochester Medical Center, St Luke’s hospital at St Louis Missouri etc)…to sometimes treat even patients who are considering weight loss surgery.

It forms the basis of many medical weight loss programs (weight loss programs run by hospitals)

In fact it is often used as a safer alternative to weight loss surgery in the treatment of obese patients in some American hospitals

Many doctors use it in their private practice as well
Like Dr Loomis below…

Forks Over Knives Forks Over Knives Changed My Health and How I Treat My Patients

It Changed My Health and How I Treat My PatientsDr Loomis

As director of prevention and wellness at St Luke’s hospital at St Louis, I always considered myself knowledgeable about diet and exercise.

I tried to eat healthy and stay active and counseled my patients to do the same.
However in 2010 I suffered a knee injury that required surgery and my level of physical activity reduced as a result.

I gained weight significantly after that and became borderline hypertensive and diabetic. My blood cholesterol also increased.

A short while later I saw a documentary on Netflix that espoused eating whole plant foods for health.
After reviewing medical literature related to plant based eating I decided to adopt a whole food plant based diet for 3 months to see how it affected me.

The results were nothing short of miraculous.
I lost 60 pounds total, my cholesterol dropped from 240 to 150 and my blood pressure and blood sugar became normal.

As I have shared the message regarding the power of plant based eating with my patients, those who have embraced it have had the same outstanding results that I had, often times being able to stop the medications that they were taking for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is now clear to me that almost every chronic disease that I was trained to treat with the help of prescription medication is directly or indirectly related to living a lifestyle that is different from the one that we were designed to lead.

It is the method doctors often turn to when they need to lose weight themselves as exemplified by Dr Loomis’s inspiring story above.

Dr Loomis is doctor of internal medicine at St Luke’s hospital in St Louis Missouri (where he is now also the head of health and wellness).

He used this tip to lose 60 pounds, lower cholesterol and cure sleep apnea.

Another doctor, Dr Steve Lawenda-an obese family doctor used it to lose 75 pounds in 8 months and prevent heart disease.

How I Lost 75 Pounds Without Portion Control

Family doctor loses 75 pounds in 8 months without portion control

As a family medicine physician, I treat patients all day long for conditions related to poor nutrition and obesity: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, and low back pain.

Yet not so long ago, I too was careening down the very same path to health destruction. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, especially since graduating high school. I’m 6’2″ and weighed up to 255 lbs. at my peak, which technically qualified me as obese.

I first learned about the science and logic of a whole-foods, plant-based diet from the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the inspirational Forks Over Knives documentary and books from Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease), T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), and John McDougall (The Starch Solution).

I found the concept of whole, natural plant foods and no portion control so very logical and appealing that I challenged myself to give it my best shot.

This was the first time I had heard of a strategy to lose weight by eating MORE of something (whole plant foods), not less, and where portion control and calorie counting were not only unnecessary, but actually discouraged.

Throughout the journey, it blew my mind that I could eat as much as I wanted, feel full every day (at times even “stuffed”), yet see my weight drop at such a steady pace. I had to pinch myself! How could this be? It seemed to defy some law of physics. It was the best feeling.

Suffice it to say this was one of the best decisions of my life. I lost 75 pounds with relative ease over eight months and have maintained this loss for over a year and a half. I have never been so passionate about health or wellness. I now realize that I wasn’t a failure; the food I was eating failed me.

Dr. Lawenda

Also Dr Saray Stancic of Stancic health and wellness in Ridgewood New Jersey (image below) used it to reverse the effects of the multiple sclerosis she suffered from and to get back her life after being grounded by the disease for 10 years.
From Doctor to MS Patient amp; Back With a Plant-Based Diet

She also used it to help her overweight surgeon husband lose 30 pounds and cure sleep apnea.

This weight loss method has created champion bodybuilders ( like Kenneth Williams and Alex Dargatz), elite marathon runners and triathletes and has been used by a countless number of ordinary people lose more than 100 pounds in 1 year and reverse chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease without exercise, diets or pills. How I Lost 220 Pounds, Became an Ultra-Runner, and Transformed My Life(from 410 pounds at 32 to ultra runner on plants– JOSH LAJAUNIE)

Like the young couple below who used it to lose 200 pounds and reverse the effects of obesity before their wedding.

Together we lost 200 lbs in 2 years!

Stunning Couple lose 200 Pounds in 2 Years Before Tying The Knot:

On April 1st of 2012, I started the plant based lifestyle. About ten days later I felt amazing, my skin was clearer, and I had lost a lot of weight.

I fell in love with the way my body was looking and didn’t want to live any other way.My fiancé Andrew saw the progress I was making and joined in.We started living this beautiful lifestyle together.

Two years later I have lost 125 pounds and Andrew has lost 75.We are living examples of the miracles that happen to our bodies when animal food, processed foods and chemical laden genetically modified foods are removed from our diets.

Ashley Chong

It is currently taught as a certificate course at the Cornell university, adopted and taught by the center for nutrition studies, recognized by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the president of the American College of Cardiology, the American Institute for Cancer Research, the American Cancer Society and many other bodies in the professional and social spheres and supported by the health ministries of countries as far as Portugal.

It is probably the most science backed weight loss method ever created.

It is effective because it is the world’s lowest calorie weight loss method and because largely due to it’s high micronutient content directly blocks fat from being stored in your body-the only weight loss method in the world that does this. It also cures food cravings and binge eating for the same reason and completely makes it unnecessary to go on a diet or count calories.

It is a highly effective weight loss method.

What is it?.

In case you have not already guessed from reading the testimonials above it is eating unrefined or whole plant food for the purpose of losing weight and getting healthy.

It is the most effective weight loss method in the world.

It comlpetely rids the body of fat and disease.

Eating this way has created more weight loss and healthy living success stories than any other weight loss method in the last 10 years.

Two of the most effective weight loss programs in the US were built directly using this idea.

In fact the top American nutritionist and family doctor Dr Fuhrman had so much success with it in his private practice that he went ahead to write the best seller Eat To Live from it-a book that has sold more than one million copies in the US alone and ushered in a weight loss program that is widely regarded as one of the most successful in the history of the United States weight loss industry; giving people who have been severely obese and even failed weight loss surgery cases hope and a path to healthy body and a normal life-people like Milan Ross below who used it to shed 225 pounds and reverse the severe effects of life threatening morbid obesity.

milan-ross-with-son 2

I Lost 225 Pounds and Reclaimed My Life:

I was 6’4” and weighed 518 pounds at my heaviest. Living in my body felt like living in a tomb. I felt hopeless about my health. I didn’t feel like there was anything I could do to change my body.

I was so fat I could barely fit into chairs. But after I was prevented from riding with my son in a theme park on his birth day, I vowed that I would make a change.

I sought out the weight loss program my company(Whole foods market) offered and was introduced to plant based eating for the first time.

By the end of the week I had lost 33 pounds and 6 inches off my waist!.
There was no stopping me after that. I dived right in and over the next 3 months I lost 70 pounds.

The diabetes and all it’s complications disappeared.
My blood pressure became normal at 100/72 and I stopped all my meds.
By the 6th month I had lost 107 pounds.

Now 2 years later I have lost 225 pounds and weight just 190. I look 15 years younger, my skin looks great and I no longer need medicine for allergies.

Before now I could not bike the 2.5 miles to my job in 3 hours, now I do it 7 minutes in traffic.

I still eat a lot, but the meals I eat have changed.

I really enjoy what I eat now and I feel great about it.

Some of my favorite meals are potato leek soup, curried lentils, grilled pineapple, steel cut oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit. I eat the biggest salad I want and always eat my lunch and dinner after that.

Milan Ross

Another highly successful weight loss program that has been built using this idea is Forks Over Knives-which was also created by a doctors-Dr Esselstyn, Dr Barnard, Dr McDougall and co who have had similar results to Dr Fuhrman including outlandish and almost unbelievable success stories like the story of Kitten Barbossa, a 500 pound Colorado mother of three who used it to lose 300 pounds and essentially snatch back her life from the jaws of death.

I Lost 300 Pounds and Regained My Life … And My Entire Family Joined Me! (1)I Lost 300 Pounds, Regained My Life … And My Entire Family Joined Me!

In 2016 my health hit rock bottom. I weighed more than 500 pounds, couldn’t fit behind a steering wheel, couldn’t walk without crutches and was ashamed to get out of the house because of people’s unkind stares.

I couldn’t sleep well, couldn’t breathe well, suffered from constant headaches and was depressed. I was 36 and feared I was going to die.

And then I found plant based eating.

Four years later I have lost 300 pounds and feel great.

All my health problems are gone and I feel like a new person. I can walk freely now without discomfort or pain and I am even planning to hike the Sierras!.

My family soon followed suit and the results have been equally amazing.
My Mom has lost 130 pounds, my elder brother more than 100 pounds and my younger brother 30 pounds in his first month.

My dad lost so much weight that his diabetes completely disappeared and he had to be removed from all his meds.

My children have also embraced this wonderful way of living and it’s just beautiful to see the ripple effect that this has had on my family.

Kitten Barbossa

In fact the “outlandish” success stories that are associated with this weight loss tip are too many to count and happen with such repetitiveness, predictability and frequency that they can simply not be discounted with a wave of the hand.

Here’s another one in case you are still doubting.

How We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds … in Just Two Years! (1)

We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds … in Just Two Years!

In 2010 my husband Ted decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes. He started walking daily and eating more of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein. I watched the changes he was making and decided to join him.

Up until then Ed had suffered from hip pain, snoring and acid reflux.
I had suffered from aches and pains, severe breathlessness that made it hard for me to climb stairs, borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol and had difficulty fitting into chairs.

Over the next 18 months Ed Lost 140 pounds and went from 375 pounds to 115 pounds, and after 2 years I had lost 150 pounds going from 298 to 148 pounds.

We subsequently removed all animal products from our diet and once we removed dairy the nasal allergies that Ed suffered from stopped and became only seasonal and digestive problems that I often needed to take over the counter medications for disappeared as well.

Today our blood pressures and lab results are great and even our doctors are impressed with all the positive lifestyle changes we have made.

Lori Olson

Suffice it to say that this is the most effective, most successful and healthiest way to lose weight in the world…and that is not even considering the fact that it also predictably reverses difficult, chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

It is the world’s best weight loss tip by a long, long way.

The results are simply too compelling to discount-almost miraculous.

Now why does it work so well you may ask?. What is the “science” behind the efficacy of this near miraculous weight loss method?

Well, four things. I’ve talked about them a little earlier in this post but let me explain a little more deeply.

1 It is the lowest calorie way to eat in the world

Eating this way instantly lowers how much calories you eat by as much as 50% without you needing to count calories at all forcing your body to mobilize excess fat from the stores and burn more calories to try and make up for the short fall. Unrefined plant food contains the least amount of calories of all the food types in the world…up to 8-30 times less calories than animal or processed food making weight loss inevitable and fast when you choose to make eating whole plant food your staple.

2 It is the world’s most nutritious diet

Unrefined plant food contains thousands of tiny calorie free nutrients called micronutrients that lavishly nourish and actively and selectively block the storage of fat in your body.

These micronutrients some of which are called Angiogenesis inhibitors mount guard on your tissues and block the blood supply to fat cells preventing young fat cells from growing and older fat cells to shrink or die.

They act as a kind of “fat police” or “border control” in your body against fat blocking the infiltration and storage of fat in your tissues…and they do a wonderful job.

And only whole plant food contains these magical micronutrients. Refined plant food and animal food do not and is a key reason they make you fat when you eat them. And some of these nutrients also act directly on the hunger center of your brain reducing hunger and creating a feeling of fullness and satiety that completely abolishes food cravings. They also correct the nutrient deficiencies that are a key cause of food cravings. And the fact that whole plant foods contain no refined carbohydrates or cholesterol makes them very effective for controlling or even reversing diabetes and heart disease.

3 It cures food cravings, binge eating and food addiction

As alluded to above eating unrefined plant food helps rid your body of the refined carbohydrates and sugars that have been found to be at the root of the fat forming food cravings and binge eating habits of fat people totally eliminating the drive for excess eating and the addiction to food that is at the root of the vicious cycle of weight gain, binge eating and disease in America.

In fact going on a whole plant food diet is the surest way to cure binge eating and food cravings without pills or needing to see a shrink because it corrects hunger causing nutritional deficiencies and eliminates the opioid pathway that’s behind the brain’s addiction to sugar.

Food addiction is in many ways similar to cocaine and heroine addiction because both are powered by similar opioid pathways.

4 It completely eliminates the need for calorie counting and portion control

Hunger is not a problem you have to deal with when you eat a whole food plant based diet because you can essentially eat as much plant food as you like and never risk eating too many calories or gaining weight.

With this weight loss method hunger actually becomes your friend-your ally because you can eat even more food than you like, never struggle with hunger for a single day and still lose as much weight as you want.

In fact with this weight loss tip the more food you eat the more weight you lose because of their low calorie, high nutrient content and because of the micronutrients that block the storage of fat in your body every time you eat.

It is the only diet in the world where eating more food actually makes you lose weight. Where you don’t starve or lower the amount of food you eat to lose weight.

5 And whole plant foods are rich in fiber which helps suppress hunger even further and burns even more fat.

So that’s the science of why this weight loss method is so effective.

In fact, the China Study revealed that this is the reason populations that eat a mostly unrefined plant based diet-for example populations in rural china and large parts of Asia and Africa tend to be rarely overweight and rarely suffer from the chronic diseases and cancers that the rest of the more developed western world suffers from.

And why populations that eat a mostly animal/processed carbohydrate diet tend to be overweight with high rates of chronic diseases and cancers-like the populations of Western Europe and the United States because their diets are poor in these fat melting, disease preventing micronutrients and high in calories.

In fact the United States is thought to be the country with probably the most micronutrient poor diet in the world with most Americans eating animal and processed food 95% of the time.

This is thought to be the reason why America is the fattest country in the world with more than 70% of it’s citizens being either overweight or obese.

Switching to a whole food plant based diet is the solution to weight gain and obesity in America and every where else in the world.

It is your solution too.

It will make you thin faster and more permanently than everything you have tried before now.

Nothing else comes even close.

Give it a try.

Start below