Drink 3 cups of water a day

One just before each meal

easiest way to lose 20 pounds

If you do that by the end of the year you would have cut 24,000 calories from your diet and 20 pounds from your waistline.

That’s because according to scientific estimates drinking a glass of water before a meal cuts 65 calories from your diet as it makes you fuller sooner and less hungry subsequently.

It curbs your appetite.

In fact one study showed that people who drank a glass of water just before a meal cut their calorie intake by as much as 75 calories.

That’s a total of 225 calories cut in one day from 3 square meals or 24 pounds in one year.

You should note that cutting just 75 calories from ypur diet makes you slimmer by 8 pounds in one year.

That’s a big deal because drinking water to lose weight is essentially effortless (you’d have to walk 2.5 miles a day to achieve the same result)

Anyone can do it.

It is not tasking or technical but has the potential to cause massive weight loss when done consistently. In fact people who drink up to 2 liters of water a day have been known to lose weight substantiallyfaster  over  even  shorter periods of time…as much as 8 pounds in one week.

You should know that apart from being probably the easiest way to cut calories there is, drinking water also helps you lose weight in many other ways.

For example it significantly boosts your metabolism.

All the metabolic activities in your body require water to work.

Without water they slow down and in cases of significant dehydration they might even grind almost to a halt.

Even just 1%  dehydration can significantly lower your metabolic rate.

That’s why you often see athletes rehydrate during sports.

It helps keep their metabolism and performance up.

Water boosts your metabolism and the higher your metabolism the more fat you burn.

Besides drinking water is an easy way to suppress hunger and appetite.

The satiety center in your brain often cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst so that when you are hungry and drink water you end up feeling less hungry.

Because your brain starts to think that you have eaten.

This is why people who drink more water end up eating less food.

Because they feel full.

Even though they didn’t eat food.

Water also helps cleanse the body of many of the toxins that trigger cravings.

It also lowers the salt content of your body fluids so that your kidneys can more effectively excrete water weight.

The net result is that when you drink more water you lose more weight.

As overlooked and as paradoxical as this may sound it is a scientifically proven fact and is very powerful.

Water is probably the world’s most powerful fat burning drink.

You don’t need a shake to get thin.

A consistent swig from your  water bottle may be all you need to lose weight.