This is the easiest way to cut calories there is.

It is simply awesome.

You should definitely try it.

Because it’s so simple and doesn’t take much time or effort to do at all.

How long does it take you to drink a glass of water?

Seconds right?

That’s how long it will take you to cut 65-75 calories from your diet.

Because that’s how much calories that studies have shown gets cut from your diet when you drink a glass of water just before a meal.

And it makes sense too because drinking water before a meal lowers your appetite and makes you eat less.

So if you do that before each meal you stand to cut as much as 205 calories from your diet in one day.

That’s simply awesome for a trick so simple.

And all this is scientifically proven fact not here say.

It has been proven to be true by studies.

One study found that people who drank water before meals ate an average of 75 fewer calories at each meal.

Medical doctors over at WebMD estimated that number to be closer to 68 calories but either way that’s still at least 205 calories cut in one day from your diet over a span of just 1-2 effortless minutes if you drink just one glass of water before each meal.

Mind you that 205 calories is the same amount of calories you burn from walking 2.5 miles.

So this is really a big deal.

A small effortless  step that can cause massive weight loss over time.

68 calories cut from your diet every day is 7 pounds I one year

205 calories cut from your diet every day is 20 pounds in one year

So…walk or drink, or walk and drink. it’s up to you. But the benefits could be massive down the line.

cut 200 calories with 2 minute effort

And you should note that this works  even if you don’t change your diet in any other significant way, and even without exercise.

It works even if the rest of your diet is not particularly healthy.

I can’t think of an easier way to cut calories.

And apart from suppressing appetite, drinking water also cleanses your body, boosts metabolism and helps increase the loss of water weight (as the concentration of salt in your blood drops and your kidney start to flush out more water) causing even more weight loss.

This is a very doable weight loss tip.

One that every weight loss seeking person try.

Because the cost is insignificant and the upside is great.

There is really no down side.

It is the easiest, laziest way to cut calories there is.

drinking 3 glasses of water burns as much calories as walking 2.5 miles