It is possible to significantly improve heart disease to the extent that getting a heart attack becomes impossible and to do so in a matter of weeks using only food no matter how severe your heart condition might currently be.

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease, has had a heart attack in the recent past, are suffering from unbearable chest pains, can’t seem to be able to function without taking nitroglycerine pills or has had surgery in order to try and improve some of the heart symptoms that are now threatening to cripple your life, the brief information that you are about to learn here could save your life.

It can stop the nightmare that you are having and give you a normal life once again.

Contrary to what some people might have led you to believe, heart attacks are not a mystery.

The causes of heart attacks are well known and eliminating them can make getting a heart attack almost impossible.

Even if you have had a heart attack recently and are once again having worsening chest symptoms, or you have had multiple failed heart surgeries so that you are now living in fear of a repeat heart attack.

You don’t have to resign yourself to fate waiting for when the next heart attack will strike.

You can make certain that a heart attack will never happen to you, that you will never suffer a heart attack ever again.

You see, doctors have always suspected that there is a strong link between heart disease and food. That the foods we eat probably play a more important role in the development of heart disease than any other risk factor that we are exposed to.

As early as the 1930s ( when knowledge of cardiovascular illness was still very rudimentary),a German medical doctor and clinical researcher called Dr Walter Kempner who worked at the Duke University in Durnham was able to draw a connection between the consumption of animal fats and the development of heart disease.

So much so that he created a low fat diet that reversed coronary artery disease.

And other evidence from that same period also suggest that Dr Kempner was right.

Records from the second world war show that when Nazi Germany invaded Norway, conquered  it and confiscated large amounts of a key staple of the Norwegian diet (meat), arterial narrowing…the condition that leads to heart attacks virtually disappeared from the Norwegian population (according to autopsy findings). Only to reappear after the war ended in 1945.

That staple…meat is thought to be responsible for the skyrocketing cholesterol levels and the alarming rate of heart attacks that now occurs in America and other meat based cultures.

Meat based products (including dairy) act as “stores” of cholesterol and cholesterol forming fats.

More recent and larger scale studies like the firmingham and China studies have since pretty much established the fact that animal based products have made a strong contribution towards making heart disease the number one killer in the developed world.

They have firmly established the link between increased consumption of animal products and the rapidly growing incidence of heart disease in the developed world.

An  American now has a heart attack every 30 seconds. From the time you started reading this post approximately 5 Americans have had heart attacks and 2 have died from it.

That’s how bad the heart disease epidemic has now become.

But all hope is not lost.

Because doctors from some of the best hospitals in America now use knowledge gained from those two ground breaking studies cited above to create non pill, non surgical solutions that arrest… even reverse heart disease and stop heart attacks.

One of those solutions and perhaps the most successful of them is the Whole food plant based diet that has been proven to reverse plaques and restore normal artery function in people suffering from heart disease.

The whole food plant based diet is a way of eating where animal products are eliminated and where emphasis is placed on eating meals created from only unrefined plant based sources.

A way of eating where you eat only unprocessed plant foods.

Where you avoid red meat, fowl, fish, milk, cheese (and other dairy), oil, all refined foods and eat only vegetables, fruits, beans and lentils, tubers, whole grains , nuts and seeds.

Eating this way has been found to be very effective with relieving the symptoms of heart disease and even with  curing the disease itself.

It why people in rural China rarely get heart disease, why the Papua highlanders in spite of being habitual tobacco smokers rarely get heart attacks, why heart attacks are literally unheard of in many African countries.

That is because an unrefined plant based diet powerfully lowers cholesterol in the blood and also because it prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol-a key factor in preventing the development and progression of heart disease, and because it causes very rapid and significant weight loss.

In fact eating a strictly whole food plant based diet has been shown to make cholesterol  completely normal in the blood in as little as 10-14 days when cholesterol  is 300mg or less. Which is far better than what any cholesterol lowering drug can do.

The reason why the whole food plant based diet is able to so aggressively lower cholesterol in such a short space of time is because it contains less than 10% fat and no cholesterol at all.

And also because it is fiber/micronutrient rich and contains powerful natural cholesterol lowering chemicals like the “phytosterols” that act as strong “cholesterol antaginists”.

The whole food plant based diet is a natural super nutritious, high fiber-low fat diet that quickly brings down even stubbornly raised cholesterol levels that have defied other solutions because it completely eliminates all the reasons why cholesterol gets raised in the blood in first place while deploying several effective counter measures to help bring cholesterol down. No cholesterol lowering drug no matter how supposedly powerful does that. Not even Lipitor.

By the way for any diet to be truly effective for lowering cholesterol it must be significantly low fat as well as fiber and micronutrient rich…It must not contain more than 10% fat and should contain little or no cholesterol and a lot of fiber and micronutrients. Otherwise it will fail or more seriously only end up making your cholesterol level worse.

The American Heart Association agrees.

It says “There is overwhelming evidence that reduction in saturated fat, dietary

cholesterol, and weight offer the most effective dietary strategies

for reducing total cholesterol, LDL-C levels, and cardiovascular


The whole food plant based diet does all those things.

That is why it works for lowering cholesterol.

Angina chest pains start improving within 10 days of starting a 100% Whole food plant based diet because of this strong cholesterol lowering effect that it has.

Cholesterol plays an important role in causing heart disease not only because it causes the narrowing of arteries by forming plaques but also because it blocks the normal heart disease preventing function of the inner lining ( endothelium) of arteries.

Thw “endothelium disrupting” heart disease causing mechanism of cholesterol though not well known is no less important because it’s effect tends to be more immediate and is usually felt sooner than it’s artery narrowing cousin.

You see, the inner lining (endothelium) of arteries produces a chemical called nitric oxide which serves to increase the diameter of arteries and allow for increased blood flow during periods of increased physical activity.

The aim being to ensure that the tissues don’t run short of energy and nutrients during periods when more of them are needed.

Raised cholesterol levels in the blood blocks this blood flow compensatory mechanism.

It blocks the production of nitric oxide so that the arteries cannot dilate during periods of increased physical stress leading to a short fall of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues, that then results in reduced tissue function and pain.

This is one of the major ways chest pains occur in heart disease patients…especially at the start. A kind of chest pain described as “angina on exertion” where blood supply to the heart fails to match up to increased cardiac activity causing pain.

Rapid lowering of blood cholesterol as the whole food plant based diet does causes a rapid restoration of this endothelium mediated compensatory blood flow mechanism causing a rapid improvement in heart disease related chest pains and other symptoms.

It is the reason chest pains start improving soon after the commencement of the whole food plant based diet long before the plaques in the arteries have had time to regress.

The restoration of this compensatory increase in the diameter of the arteries during physical exertion compensates for the narrowing of the arteries by plaques…causing relief from angina long before the more mechanical and more persistenmtly stuctural causes of heart disease begin to improve .

And as time goes on (usually within 3 months) it becomes possible to start seeing evidence of a reversal of artery blockage (of up to 13%) which becomes complete with a complete regression of the disease and symptoms in about 1-2 years.

For this diet to work though you have to be strict with it.

You have to be 100% committed to it, no cheating is allowed.

A cavalier or an unserious attitude will not work.

The diet is a serious cure for a serious disease and must be treated as such.

But when followed strictly the results are incredible-quick, drastic and life saving. You start feeling like a new person in a matter of weeks as the symptoms regress and you regain a lot of energy and function.

It works even if you’ve had failed cardiac surgery in the past. It is that powerful.

And eating this way has a lot of other benefits too apart from saving your heart.

1 Causes significant weight loss

It causes significant weight loss of up to 20 pounds or more in 30 days because it is a naturally very low calorie ,high fiber, nutrient rich diet that torches fat from your body.

2 Reverses type 2 diabetes

It’s high fiber content and the fact that it contains no refined carbohydrates makes it a sure way to significantly improve and ultimately reverse insulin, blood sugar and type 2 diabetes in as little as 3 months.

3 Improves of penile erection

In about 50%-90% of cases the cause of erectile dysfunction is the same as the cause of heart attacks…which is the blocking of arteries by fatty deposits.

As the blockage in your heart vessels is relieved so is the same blockage relieved in the arteries that dilate to supply the penis with blood during erection.

4 Reveres calf pain caused by artery blockage

To an extent, coronary artery disease also happens in the legs. Particularly in the calf muscles because the arteries that supply them with blood also often get blocked with the same plaques and fatty deposits that block the heart vessels causing severe pain during walking that it relieved only by rest ( a kind of angina of the legs called intermittent claudication)

This also gets reversed quickly on a plant based diet without any need for surgical intervention.

5 Improves and reverses high blood pressure

The narrowing and hardening of arteries of Artherosclerosis also often leads to raised blood pressure because the arteries can no longer dilate.

A whole food plant based diet restores dilatation and reverses narrowing causing a drop in blood pressure.