Her doctor laughed when she told him she was going to try and cure her type 2 diabetes using food.

She had been on diabetes medication (metformin and glyburide) for two years but the drugs always made her sick.

She almost felt more sick from the drugs than from the diabetes itself.

At a point she just got tired.

She could not take the drugs anymore and decided to quit.

And of course her doctor would have none of it.

He poured scorn on her.

He did not support her at all.

Soon after she quit the drugs and her not very supportive doctor she started a plant based diet, initially eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables every day but later on adding starches as well.

Through her research she was able to find some plant friendly doctors who could help her.

Doctors like Dr mcDougall and Dr Campbell of forkoverknives.com.

She also discovered and used a lot of other helpful plant based resources.

She said that watching the award winning wellness documentary fork over knives really helped her.

She watched it several times.

Over the next 2 years she lost almost 80 pounds and got into great shape.

In just one summer she was able to cycle more than 1,500 kilometers because she now had so much energy.

But the weight loss was only an unintended albeit wonderful side effect of her new way of eating.

The miracle was really what happened to her diabetes

Over the course of two years her Hb A1C, the most reliable test of the efficacy of diabetic control dropped from 13 to 5…from very high to completely normal without pills! dropping to 8.9 after just 6 months.

Normal Hb A1C is anything below 5.7.

Anything above 6.5 is considered diabetic.

So over the course of two years her diabetes went from extremely severe and almost heart disease and stroke causing to completely normal without pills!

Her new more open minded, plant friendly doctor said he had not seen anything quite like it. That he had never seen diabetes disappear so quickly under any circumstance not to mention without pills.

Shelly cooper says she feels better today than she did when she was 30 even though she will soon be 52.

You see, Mrs Cooper had been over weight and sick for a large part of her life.

She suffered from prediabetes for many years, had two pregnancies with gestational diabetes and bounced from weight loss diet to weight loss diet without any long lasting results until she finally came down with full blown type 2 diabetes and decided to take back control of her life after taking drugs only made her problem worse.

It is just amazing what eating plants can do.

And it’s such an amazing story. One of the best health recovery stories I have read.

It show the miraculous as possible…achievable.

So I thought I should share it with you in case you are suffering from the same problems to let you know that there is help for you.

To let you know that you don’t have to go through life medicated and miserable just because you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

That type 2 diabetes is no longer a lifelong diagnosis…a lifelong illness. That it can be cured…amazingly not with pills but with food.

That pills only seem to make it worse… drain your pocket, make you sicker and make you a cash cow for drug manufacturing companies.

In fact some of the drugs used in treating diabetes for example metformin are known to actually cause weight gain and to worsen diabetes over time.

I mean how do you treat a disease with something that actually makes it worse?

Thankfully you don’t have to.

You can cure type 2 diabetes with food.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the grip of this disease.

You don’t have to waste your hard earned income on doctors and pills for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to live the rest of your life in a heavily medicated state like a drug addict.

You can be free from a lifestyle of disease and drugs.

Don’t you want to be free?

Well, there is hope for you.

If you have the will you can change things too.

You can do what Shelly Cooper did.

Switch to eating more healthily. Switch to eating whole plant foods.

You too can become a witness to the healing miracle that eating whole plant food really is.

And you can do this perfectly on your own in the comfort of your home without any help from anyone. It is not hard at all to do. All you need is the will to do it.

But if you need help there is plenty of help available. You can use some of the many available resources or join helpful plant based communities to get all the help you need.

Below is a list of some of the best plant based resources to help you take back your health and the control of your life.

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