Fitness experts over at say it boosts fat loss by up to 70%…and it takes only 10 minutes to do.

What is it?

It is a walking workout.

A 9 part walking workout to be more exact.

But it’s no ordinary walking workout.

It is a HIIT workout.

And as is the case with HIIT workouts it boosts fat loss by boosting your metabolism and keeping it raised for many hours…some times for up to 48 hours so that you keep burning fat when you are no longer working out.

Even in your sleep.

This workout is great because it is only 10 minutes long and because it is simple enough to be done by anyone almost anywhere and because it needs to be done only once a day to start seeing results.

It is great for people who are squeezed for time…who isn’t these days.

lose 70% more fat walking 10 minutes a day

So instead of waiting for or needing to create a dedicated period for working out a simple walk in the park time will do.

You can do it quickly in the morning before going to work, during lunch break or happy hour.

You get all the perks of getting a great workout in just 10 minutes.

Because this workout has got a lot power locked up in just 10 minutes.

It is literally the equivalent of doing lots of cardio.

Another great thing is that if you do it long enough it is also likely to get you toned because like all HIIT workouts it boosts the production of growth hormone and Testosterone.

Two hormones that ensure that you don’t lose muscle at the same time that you are losing fat.


burn 70% more fat in 10 mins a day