Walking at 3 mph burns 211 calories in one hour.

That’s a good target to aim for but one you should not be satisfied with because you can burn many more calories walking…up to 400 calories in one hour and without increasing how fast you walk if you can do just three things.

1 Walk on an uneven surface

Walking on an uneven surface…say a path instead of a tarred road forces your body to use up more calories trying to maintain balance increasing how much calories you burn by up to 82%…from 211 calories per hour up to 384 calories at a 3 mph pace.

2 walk up an incline

Adding a 5.0 incline to a 3mph walking pace increases the amount of calories you burn by 64%, from 211 calories to a whopping 346 calories. This is because your body, particularly your legs and butt are made to work hard against gravity using up more energy in the process.

3 Swing your arms and legs in sync instead of in an alternate manner

Instead of walking right leg-left arm walk right leg-right arm and left leg-left arm.  A study from the university of Michigan suggests that doing so increases how much calories you burn by 26%…from 211 in one hour to 266 calories. A truly significant increase for such a simple tip.

These are some of the reasons why walking outdoors or up a hill are such powerful ways to exercise. They ensure a far greater calorie burn than if you just went for a “clean” 3 mph walk.

Keep these tips in mind next time you go for a walk.

Doing them will exponentially increases how much calories you burn.

3 tips to burn 400 calories in 1 hour walking