I first came across this bodyweight workout on greatist.com and I think it is possibly the most complete, most effective bodyweight workout there is. It gets you fit very quickly because it works pretty much every muscle in your body…and does so with an intensity and efficacy that many other bodyweight routines lack.

Unlike other bodyweight exercises it combines a deep and thorough focus on the major muscle groups of the body into one fluid easy to do exercise.

It is a beautiful composite of bodyweight exercises that target specific regions of the body forming an easy compound exercise that burns fat, tones your muscles and builds strength like no other.

Expect a rapidly chiseled, toned core, powerful bronze smooth thighs, tight smooth six packs (if that’s your thing) ,well shaped calves, a well rounded butt and Michelle Obama toned arms when you make this workout a staple in your life.

And expect to be able to do much more physically and mentally too as your muscles become much more powerful very quickly and as your toxin soaked fat stores get melted off your body for good.

And you get all these benefits without ever needing to go to the gym or buy exercise equipment.

Heck!, you can even do this exercise in your bedroom after waking up from sleep or at the park or on the playground.

It is possibly the cheapest, most versatile, most democratic, most effective no gym exercise you’d ever do.

Read, watch, practice and slim down for good.

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I hope this routine gives the results that I know it can.