The foods that I am going to be talking about here make you thin faster than any other foods you’d ever eat.

They are easily the 7 most powerful weight loss foods.

Eating them regularly makes you thin in no time.

There are 9 reasons why they are so powerful

1 They contain the least amount of calories of all foods,

2 They contain the highest amount of micronutrients of all foods (note that micronutrients are almost as important for getting thin as the amount of calories you eat because some of them especially the angiogenesis inhibitors block fat from being stored in your body and because they help eliminate food cravings and food addiction).

3 They contain the highest amount of fiber,

4 They contain highest amount of antioxidants

5 They contain only unprocessed carbohydrates

6 They contain very little saturated fat,

7 They normalize the blood sugar and insulin spikes that cause weight gain and diabetes

8 Eating them cures you of food cravings and food addiction in as little as 10 days,

9 They normalize blood cholesterol and triglycerides too.

Because of the above characteristics they are by far the most slimming and most health giving foods you’d ever eat.

Making them the way you eat, eating them most of the time as staples in your diet makes you thin and healthy quickly, without fail and for life even if you do nothing else to get thin.

They are that powerful.

In fact they are so powerful that a certain diet group of people in America that eat them exclusively as their diet were recently found by the American Diabetes Association to be the thinnest and healthiest people in America. But more on that later.

So what are these foods?

They are

1 Green leafy vegetables,


1 Green leafy vegetables are the lowest calorie foods in the world containing only 100 calories per pound

2 They are the most nutritious foods in the world with a nutrient density of 100%

3 Dark leafy green vegetables are also among the most antioxidant rich foods in the world.

4 Green leafy vegetables are also seriously fiber rich.

Cooked Spinach and Collard greens for example contain as much as 4g-5g of fiber per cup.

Examples of common nutritious leafy green vegetables



Swiss chard


Brussels Sprouts

Romaine lettuce

2 Solid green vegetables

1 Solid green vegetables are extremely low calorie foods containing only 100 calories per pound

2 They are the second most nutritious foods in the world with a nutrient density of 97/100

Examples of solid green vegetables



Bok Choy,



Brussels Sprouts,




String Beans,


Snow peas

3 Non green non starchy vegetables

1 Non green non starchy vegetables are very low calorie foods containing only 100 calories per pound

2 They are the third most nutritious foods in the world with a nutrient density of 50/100

Examples of non green non starchy vegetables



Water chestnuts,



Bamboo shoots,



Yellow and red peppers

4 Beans and lentils


1 Beans and lentils contain very few calories…only 350 calories per pound

2 They are world’s fourth most nutritious foods with nutrient density of 48/100

3 They are also the second most fiber rich foods in the world with average fiber content of 12-15g per cup

4 They are probably the most powerful foods in the world for stabilizing blood sugar and controlling diabetes

Examples of fiber rich beans

Black beans

Kidney beans

Navy beans

Lima beans

Black eyed peas

Cannellini beans

Pinto beans

5 Fresh fruits


1 Fresh Fruits are also significantly low calorie foods containing only 250 calories per pound

2 They are the fifth most nutritious foods with a nutrient density of 45/100

3 Berries which belong to this group are the second most antioxidant rich and third most fiber rich foods in the world.

Fruits like apples and pears are also very rich in fiber containing as much as 4g and 6g of fiber per medium sized fruit respectively.

Examples of highly nutritious fruits









6 Starchy vegetables


Starchy vegetables contain only 350 calories per pound

They are the sixth most nutritious foods in the world with nutrient density of 35/100

Starchy vegetables are also significantly fiber rich with an average fiber content of 4g per 1 medium sized potato for example.

Examples of fiber rich starchy vegetables

Butternut squash,

Acorn squash,

Sweet potato,

White potato,






Winter squash,


7 Whole grains


1 Whole grains are moderately low calorie foods containing around 600 calories per pound

2 They are world’s seventh most nutritious foods with nutrient density of 22/100

3 Whole grains are also very fiber rich. For example old fashioned oats contain as much as 8g of fiber per cup.

Examples of common fiber rich whole grains



Brown rice,

Wild rice,




The table below makes the above points even more clear

7 lowest calorie-highest nutrient foods

Food type Calories per pound Nutrient density
Raw leafy green vegetables 100 100%
Solid green vegetables 100 97%
Non green non starchy veggies 100 50%
Beans 350 48%
Fresh fruits 250 45%
Starchy vegetables 350 35%
Whole grains 600 22%


Now compare the table above with the table below that shows the nutritional properties of staples of the standard American diet, and the nutritional implications become very clear very quickly.

Calorie content and nutritional values of staples of the American diet

Food type Calories per pound Nutrient density
Oil 3,900 1%
Sweets 2,400 0%
Red meat 2,000 8%
Cheese 1,600 3%
Refined grains-white flour, white bread, pasta, processed cereals 1,300 2%
White meat 900 11%
Eggs 700 11%
Fish 800 15%
Fat free dairy 217 13%
Full fat dairy 309 4%


Note that although milk is only 309 calories per pound I don’t consider it particularly healthy because it has a nutrient density of only 4%. That’s at least 400% lower than the least nutritious plant food-whole grains. Anything below 20 as nutrient density is abysmal because it causes nutrient deficiencies that lead to food cravings, food addiction and weight gain (one of the most important causes of food cravings and addiction is eating food items of nutritionally poor quality).

Besides, a significant part of the calories of milk is saturated fat which is significantly fat causing. The healthiness of a food item is not judged only by the amount of calories it contains but also by the quality of those calories. A 600 calorie food item that is 50% fiber or unprocessed carbohydrates is far healthier and more slimming than a 300 calorie food item that is 90% refined carbohydrates or saturated fat.

The standard American diet is at least 6 times more calorie dense and 5 times less nutritious than a diet based on the 7 slimming foods in table 1 above. It is 53% processed food and 41% animal products-which incidentally are the two highest calorie-lowest nutrient food categories in the world. Americans eat 94% high calorie foods-a diet that is perfectly primed for weight gain and disease.

To put it in simpler terms the American diet is calorie dense and nutrient poor and that’s why 78% of Americans are either overweight or obese, why Americans suffer from some of the highest rates of diabetes and heart disease in the world and why the American adult population has a high average BMI of 26.5 which is higher than the upper limit of the normal BMI range of 18.5-24.9 showing clearly that the average American is overweight and has too much fat in his body (BMI or body mass index measures the amount of fat in your body. Anything higher than 24.9 means you have too much fat in your fat stores).

On the other hand the group of people I talked about above, the people who I said eat mostly those 7 highly slimming, highly nutritious, fiber rich low calorie foods as their diet have the lowest average BMI in the world…21.3 and rarely suffer from diabetes or heart disease.

Who are they?, they are called Vegans.

Vegans are the slimmest, healthiest people in the world and the reason is because they eat mostly those 7 slimming foods I talked about above. They eat mostly unrefined plant foods. Their diet is very low calorie, very high fiber, very nutritious, very antioxidant rich, very low on saturated fat and free from cholesterol and refined carbohydrates.

The standard American diet is the exact opposite of that.

So what’s the moral of this story?

Well, it is simple.

It is this.

If you want to get slim, healthy and free from the debilitating lifestyle diseases that eating poorly causes, eat like a Vegan. Eat mostly unrefined plant food. Even if you choose not to go full vegan, make sure unprocessed plant foods form a significant part, even the majority of your diet because they are the most slimming most health boosting foods in the world.

The most important nutrient for losing weight and getting healthy.

You must have noticed that I emphasized the fiber content of foods throughout this piece. The reason is because fiber is crucial for losing weight and getting healthy. In fact fiber is the most consistent predictor of the healthiness of the diet of any given population. You can predict how fat, slim, healthy or sick a population is likely to be by simply estimating the fiber content of their diet.

The relationship between the fiber content of food and the weight and health of a given population is like a seesaw, when one goes up the other is always down.

The more fiber you eat the slimmer and healthier you get, the less fiber you eat the fatter and sicker you get.

It is not an exaggeration to say that weight gain is a fiber deficiency disease.

The American diet hardly has any fiber in it. It is therefore not surprising that America is the fattest country in the world with sky high rates of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Fiber is also very important for shedding the most dangerous kind of fat-belly fat. In fact it has been proven that you lose 4% of belly fat for every 10g of fiber that you eat.

Eating fiber is indispensable to the health of your body and the length of your waistline.

Now, how can you start eating these 7 slimming foods to start losing weight and boosting your health quickly?

Easy. Follow the simple 7 part guide below

How to eat to lose weight fast without dieting: 7 rules to follow

1 Eat at least one large plate of a leafy green vegetable salad every day with a low calorie, no oil salad dressing

2 Eat at least ½ a cup of beans every day either alone, for example as a bean soup or as a side dish with another meal

3 Eat at least one fruit per meal and as snack for a total of at least three pieces of fruit per day. Eat mostly apples, pears, oranges, pomegranates, kiwis and berries because they contain more fiber and not much sugar.

4 Eat at least one large serving of steamed green vegetables every day

5 Drink only healthy beverages: a green smoothie, green tea or water as beverage instead of liquid calories

6 Eat only whole grains especially for breakfast. Raw oats, fruits plus nuts and seeds make for a high energy high fiber breakfast.

7 Eat a handful of nuts and seeds everyday for a daily supply of fiber and good fats. 

Following the above guideline when you eat will make you slim and healthy effortlessly without you needing to go on a diet or count calories because it lowers how much calories you eat and eliminates food cravings while significantly boosting the nourishment of your body.

The 7 Most Powerful Weight Loss Foods