If you want to lose weight really fast without too much struggle read and do the 5 weight loss tips below.

They will make you lose weight faster than most tips you’ve every tried even if you choose not to go on a diet because they cause more fat loss than most other tips do.

1 Do a 10-20 minute HIIT workout before breakfast

Studies have shown that working out before breakfast or before your first meal burn 20% more fat than when you workout after breakfast because then the level of glucose and glycogen in your body are so low that your body is forced to burn mostly fat as fuel.

And choosing to do a HIIT workout instead of a simple aerobic exercise makes this tip even stronger because HIIT workouts have the additional benefit of keeping your metabolism raised throughout the day even if you can’t find time for an additional workout session.

HIIT workout also help suppress appetite in the 24 hours after you do them by blocking the appetite hormone ghrellin.

Ensuring that you eat less not more as after working out as you go through your day causing you to lose even more weight

A Small daily 10 minute HIIT workout can cause as much as 10 pounds of weight loss in just 3 weeks for those reasons.

2 Take one pill of green tea extract before exercise

According to studies one pill of green tea extract increases fat loss by 17%-25% when you take it before exercise and by 3%-8% at rest. That is because green tea extract contains a powerful metabolism boosting substance called Epigallocatechin gallate that significantly boosts your metabolism and causes selective fat loss.

The net result being a significant boost in the fat loss effect of exercise on your body, forcing your body to shed more fat than either the pill or exercise can cause alone.

Taking green tea extract for example before your early morning workout can exponentially increase fat loss.

Remember that working out before breakfast causes 20% moe fat burn and that a HIIT workout causes up to 6 times more fat loss than an equivalent amount of aerobic exercise.

So that when you add a weight loss pill of the power of green tea extract to the mix you can literally blow up your fat loss.

You should try it if you want to burn a lot of fat in a short amount of time.

3 Drink a green smoothie for breakfast.

Green smoothies are on record to cause as much as 10 pounds of weight loss in 30 days. Especially when combined with a healthier diet.

That is because green smoothies are literally everything.

They are powerful detox, great nourishment, appetite suppressants, calorie cutter and direct fat melters. The average green smoothie is just 230 calories and contains the most nutrients, fiber and antioxidants of any drink.

They are also protein rich because green leafy vegetables also contain a significant amount of protein.

The net result of drinking a green smoothie every morning is that it cuts your calories ( the average american eats  up to 600 calories every morning ), abolishes hunger and cravings, detoxes and cleanses your body, reverses inflammation, stabilizes your blood sugar and directly melts fat through the fat blocking action of the angogenesis inhibitors that it contains.

Drinking a green smoothie for breakfast every morning works wonders for your weight and health even if you don’t add any other weight loss tips to it.

Adding other weight loss tips just makes extremely more powerful.

Green smoothies literally drive fat and disease out of your body.

4 Drink 1-5 to 2 liters of water every day

A renown personal development expert and motivational speaker did an experiment recently. He drank 1.5-2 liters of water every day for one week without changing any other part of his diet or exercising.

The result?

He lost 8 pounds.

8 pounds in just 7 days drinking water.

Water is a powerful but often underrated weight loss supplement.

Getting adequately hydrated ( drinking the required 8 ounces of 8 times a day…approximately 2 liters) can  make you lean literally overnight.

A primary reason is because water acts as the “engine oil” of your cells.

It clears out the sludge and allows your cells to work more efficiently, boosting their metabolism greatly. It fine tune the action of the mitochondria ( the engines of your cells )

Water is also an effective calorie cutter especially when taken together with or just before a meal. It makes you eat less by suppressing appetite.

2 liters of cold water causes your body to burn an extra 100 calories.

500 ml of water taken before each meal helps you lose up to 44% more weight.

Drinking water also produces satiety. It tricks your brain into believing you have eaten because your brain can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst.

Your brain turns the hunger signal down when you are properly hydrated.

6 simple weight loss tips to lose weight very fast

5 Take one pill of Tumeric every day

Cucurmin…the active ingredient in tumeric has a lot of health benefits. Studies say up to 619. And one of them according to the Journal of…is that it gives your body the same workout benefit as an hour of aerobic exercise. That is because cucurmin significantly boosts your metabolism, reverses inflammation and regulates blood sugar better than any drug.

6 4 Avoid refined foods and beverages

Refined foods and beverages are the most calorie dense foods. They are also the most important cause of food addiction and cravings.

Simply removing them from your diet and replacing them with healthier options lowers how much calories you eat and suppresses cravings.

You lose weight a lot faster when you remove refined carbs, most oils and salt from your diet.